How to Clean and Organise the Shower

Taking a shower should be relaxing and refreshing, make sure your shower area is a clutter-free and calming space.

The shower area often has very little or no storage space, and can quickly get cluttered with hair and bath products. It is harder to keep the space clean as well if it is cluttered with items. It’s much nicer to start (or end) to the day in a clutter-free, calming shower. And who couldn’t use a little more relaxation in their day!? I recently looked at my kids’ shower and thought it needed some to clean and organise your shower

My kids like to keep all their body washes, face scrubs in the shower and to just add to it, they each like a different type of shampoo. So there is a lot of bottles in their shower. I like to keep all products up off the floor and make it as easy as possible to find items. I use a shower caddy for this. 

I also added some suction hooks for each person’s razor and loofah. This way the items are easier to access and it is less likely to get confused as to whom each one belongs.


  1. Open the bathroom windows to help ventilate while cleaning.
  2. Empty the shower of all contents. As you are doing this, purge/recycle product that you have not used in more than 3 months.
  3. Wipe over each item with a microfibre cloth dipped in hot water to remove any sticky messes.
  4. Remove any excess hair from the drain.
  5. Add new organising solutions to help tidy your space.
  6. Tackle the mildew by using the grout cleaning brush with bathroom cleaner.
  7. Spray the cleaner on the glass, walls and floor of the shower. Leave to sit for a few minutes. Using a washing up pad clean the walls and floor then rinse from top to bottom with water.
  8. To prevent water spots use a squeegee to remove any water from the surface.
  9. Place all products back into the shower.

Place any unnecessary items you have removed from the shower in a storage tub. If you don’t need or use them within a month then you can get rid of those item. In my case I put back into the shower what I know the kids use daily and have left everything else in a tub which I will glance back on in the next fortnight. I’ve told them whatever is still in the tub can will be purged.

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