Our new school bag nook area + new school organising printables

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife


So many of you have asked how my kiddies went for their first day of school, thank you that is so kind of you.  They were buzzing from the 1st January to start school, then after we got their uniforms during the 2nd week of the year they became even more excited. I think they dressed up in their new uniforms for everybody that came to visit, they were that excited.

The twins started high school this year, year 7.  My kids have attended a public school since prep, however we chose to send them to a local private school for their high school years.  For a few reasons, but ultimately I fell in love with the schools philosophy to help the kids achieve as individuals and I could see it was a great environment for the kids to learn and gain confidence and skills for their future.  It is a prep to year 12 school and thankfully they had a placement for our youngest, Year 5, earlier than we expected, so all 3 started this year together.

Mr 11 and Miss 9 both have friends at the school so the transition was a lot easier than I anticipated with leaving all their friends.  Miss 11 has made some new friends and looks just like a doll in her new uniform.  

I love sharing pictures, but for the kids privacy I won’t show photos of them in their school uniform, although one clever teacher recognised one of the kiddies as her new student!!


A difference we have found in this new school is that the kids have quite a lot they need to take to school, full PE uniforms, laptop (which they call a slate), diary and some days they need to take extra food for after school as they have compulsory after school sport sessions.  So as I do I created some charts for them, to help them remember to pack everything into their PE bag and to remember to take all that is needed for their school day.

These are the new charts I created, I’ve put them in the shop available for you to download if you would like to use as well, along with personalised options.  I’ve just printed them for now, will laminate them once all subjects and sporting commitments are locked in.  I already need to change the timetable to add in before school activities.


This timetable chart also helps me, I check it the night before so I know if I need to pack extra food for after school or that I need to wake up early to take them to before school commitments.  To be honest I am a little frazzled with all the before school and after school commitments for each individual child, with a few trips each day to and from school, so I LOVE having this here for reference, keeps me in control and organised.


I keep these pages in the school bag nook area, which this picture shows how it’s tucked away from the rest of the house.  We recently added a 2nd rail to the nook area for their school hats.

2015 Organised School Bag Nook Storage

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New School Printable Charts

Pack in Sports Bag – a chart to visually remind children what to pack in their sports bag for school.  Available here or you can personalise them here.  I printed these onto A5 paper and laminated them (A4 laminated sheets cut down to A5) so they can always keep it in their sports bag.



Have you packed in your school bag – I created a new version of the ‘have you packed in your school bag’ charts for my kids and as always I upload them into the shop for you to use too, the new version includes the reminder of diary, computer, sports bags etc.  Available here in a range of different colours.


School Week Timetable – Help keep track of the week of school activities, subject and/or more using the weekly timetable sheet.  Write in what activities/subjects the kids have each week and place on the wall for easy reference.  Available here and also personalised option is available here.

My the kids have various commitments before and after school, plus they like to keep note of what subjects they have each day which helps them keep on top of their homework and remind them what books they need to take to school.


How are you handling these first few weeks back at school?  What have you done to help keep yourself organised?

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Miss Maudy February 5, 2015 - 1:27 PM

Lordy, this would be the *least* sorted I have ever been since my kids started school! The oldest started high school, and they changed the uniform, so that’s been an interesting experience. This year, we had a family holiday in January, rather than my taking leave when school goes back. So, this week has been a case of my running around on my lunch break collecting missing bits of kit (today – white sport socks)coupled with emails to teachers and phone calls and all manner of I don’t need this right nows. However, next week, people will have sport socks, art smocks, display books etc, and hopefully we can get into the swing of back to school properly.

gillian February 5, 2015 - 5:07 PM

Wow Kat! sometimes I think moms should get a university degree in logistics before we become moms. thanks for all your suggestions. I think you have made the right choice for you kiddies to go private, not for the snob factor as I am sure you may get it in the neck for that, but I find that private schools do tend to give children a real feeling of self worth and lots more opportunities. I am glad that they are enjoying it and well done again to you and hubby for being such supportive parents…x

Katrina - The Organised Housewife February 6, 2015 - 8:36 AM

Ooh thank you so much, Gillian! We are so very happy with the school and the kids are settling in so well.

Laurie August 9, 2015 - 4:28 AM

Dear Katrina,
I recently came upon your blog. I love viewing family and organizing sites in dreams of becoming organized myself one day! Better hurry up as I am now 60! My 2 young school age grandchildren live with us and my husband and I are responsible for most of their daily lives. I have physical limitations and must use a walker or crutches, but find my grandchildren help “keep me going” both physically and mentally. My blog reading time is limited for all the above reasons, but after a little research, I find yours to be one of 2 organizing, cleaning, meal planning, family oriented blogs I have decided to follow. I love not just the happy colors, but your honest assessment of the ups and downs of life, your ideas for lunches, etc., etc., etc… There are so many blogs out there, but yours seems to line up nicely with my life at present. Thank you for the great job you are doing sharing with us.

Kate - Kat's Assistant August 10, 2015 - 11:33 AM

Ooh Laurie the are truly beautiful words! Thank you so much and i am so happy you have found my blog page.:) I love what i do so much and get so much enjoy out of writing my blog and connecting with my readers.:)


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