12+ Habits of an Organised Mum

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

My kids returned back to school yesterday! I’ll miss them, but to sit and have coffee in silence is absolute bliss! I know the real new year was nearly a month ago, however, it’s not until the kids go back to school that I really see it as a fresh new year.  This is a better time than any to review some of my habits that I do on a daily basis that help me stay organised.

It’s a fresh new year, with fresh new energy surrounding us. This time of year is a great opportunity to make small changes to your daily habits to help you become organised too.  Create some calm and order in your home by adapting some of these 12+ habits of an Organised Mum. Join me on the blog today and over the coming weeks to set yourself up for a successful year.


This past year I have taught myself to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier, around 5am.  I am enjoying the uninterrupted time in the mornings which can usually be a good time to exercise, potter around the house, or sit and enjoy the silence. This year I want to add time into each of my mornings to look over my goals and affirmations daily.

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Change of season is a great time of year to not only clean but also sort through cupboards and start planning for the busy months ahead. I’ve put together a list of some easy organising tasks that will help you to reduce clutter and help organise your home.


I usually follow the same simple steps each morning after I wake up.  I was discussing this recently with a group of ladies and didn’t continue with my steps thinking they wouldn’t be interested, it’s a little mundane, but they really wanted to hear it, it’s these little things that do make our morning that little bit easier.

  • Wake up
  • Pull back sheets on bed to air it out (that’s if your loved one isn’t in there)
  • Shower
  • Towel dry and brush hair
  • Apply body lotion
  • Apply face creams
  • Add a touch of makeup
  • Get dressed
  • Open up bedroom blinds and windows
  • Make the bed

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It’s these little things like applying lotions and creams that busy mums tend to skip because there is no time (kids, chores, time poor). However, it only takes less than 30 seconds to apply the creams and your future self will be very thankful for it.


I know I mentioned this one above in my morning routine, but this simple task of making the bed really helps my daily mindset. It’s a two-minute task that has the amazing ability putting us in an elevated state of mind and ignites a positive mood for the day ahead.

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This one task will help you feel a sense of accomplishment and organisation before your day has even begun. It's unbelievable how such a simple 2-minute task can put you in a positive mindset for the rest of the day.


Children make mess; it’s just what kids do. It’s important to teach them when they’re old enough that they have a responsibility to tidy up after they make a mess.

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Kids Craft Turntable

craft table available here.


I regularly do tasks such as keeping the kitchen clean and tidy, wiping bathroom surfaces and quick vacuum of the floor, on a daily basis. I have created a routine to keep the rest of the house tidy, splitting each room up between days of the week so it doesn’t take me hours.

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Struggling to keep the house cleaning under control, I can help! It's all about being prepared and creating systems and routines to help you get through it.


I am a huge advocate for meal planning and always write a meal plan and shopping list before I go grocery shopping. This is certainly one of my top sanity savers each week. It really is a simple task that takes 5-10 minutes to plan 1 week of meals. Doing this will:

  • Save you time
  • Save you money
  • Eliminate waste
  • Balance your meal choices
  • Lower your frustrations
  • Allow other family members to help cook dinner

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A4 Meal Planner - SQUARE


Laundry is just one of those tasks that we love to hate… it’s never ending and can easily take days to get on top of once it gets out of control. For this reason I do a load of washing each day, but before I throw the clothes into the machine there is a little prep to make this whole process a little easier.

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personalised laundry schedule


Each week I write down the list of tasks I would like to complete this week. At the end of each day I look at my list and choose three to prioritise for the next day. There is nothing specific about the number, except that I like to work in threes, decorate in clusters of 3, or plant 3 of the same plants together in the garden.

I like to start the morning with the must do task, even if it’s something you don’t want to do, doing it first up frees your mind from it for the rest of the day.

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The Organised Housewife Weekly Planner Pad is the ideal tool for your home to help you stay organised throughout the week. The A4 (297mm x 210mm) undated weekly planner pad has 60 tear-off pages which will last you for a whole year. The planner gives you the ability to look at your week as a whole and allows you enough space to add appointments, deadlines, things to do and plan your dinner ideas. It also has a section that you can personalise yourself. It's up to you!


This has become a huge game changer for us and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t make lunches the night before years ago. My kids are getting older and more independent, Miss nearly 14 has taken the responsibility to help out with making lunches, she enjoys it.  Everything is placed into the lunchbox the night before, which sits in the fridge overnight and then packed into the cooler bag the next morning.  The only think I have found so far that doesn’t suit being packed and stored in the fridge the night before is cheese and crackers, as they go soggy.

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Tidy and clean your kitchen sink and benches every night before you sit down and relax for the evening.  It helps with clarity of mind to rise to a beautiful clean kitchen, your day will be so much better for it.

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Technology has changed so much over the years. There can be so many possibilities and ideas to create a beautifully organised dream home, if I was to build or renovate I'd love to implement some of these ideas.


Everything has a place, be it a zone or a specific drawer, but nothing is left without a home of it’s own.  ie. bags, school supplies in pantry.

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Organising finances and filing in a small space can be hard, but it is achievable. This system for organising paperwork without a filing cabinet in your office will help you keep all your bills and other paperwork ordered and tidy.


As I am getting older I can no longer rely on my memory and find it very important to write everything down, be it in your daily planner or calendar in your phone or on the wall, as soon as you make an appointment add it to your diary so the date is not forgotten. Same with groceries, once we use something up it needs to be placed directly onto the shopping list to be replaced, if it’s not on there I am not going to remember to buy it.

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Asking for help is a good thing, it shows you are a good leader!  I am just as good at organising (or bossing) people around than I am at organising a cupboard!  My kids have delegated daily responsibilities they need to complete. But a tip I gave somebody recently was the position I enjoy delegating the most from is when my hands are either cleaning dishes, cooking dinner, hanging washing on the line (busy doing chores themselves) that I then ask somebody around me to help or do a task.  They can see I am busy, so they can help out too!  If you are finding yourself overwhelmed and lacking time, think outside of the family and seek assistance from a cleaner, lawn maintenance, dog washer etc.

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Working alongside a mess will reduce your productivity.  Clear your desk of piles of paperwork and anything unrelated to what you are working on.

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Are you struggling to keep the house in order?

If your house has got out of control and your struggling to know where to start, pick one area.  I always suggest it’s the room that you use the most, for me that’s the kitchen.  Spend time cleaning and organising it, don’t spend too much time on it, it doesn’t need to be perfect. Follow me on the 20 day challenge (details below) and I can help you with this process.  I’ll help you to create a system and tools to have the home you’ve always dreamed of and to put you back in control. And I will help show you how to get your family on board too – and enjoy it!

My 20 Days to Organise and Clean Your Home challenge combines these tried, tested and proven housekeeping tips with the physical tools to achieve organisational bliss – whatever your motivation and whatever your end goal.

20 Days to Organise and Clean your Home

What is one habit you do daily that helps you stay organised?

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Julia K January 25, 2017 - 12:45 PM

I have a large “month to a view” calendar right by my desk and this is the “go to” document for everyone in our family when it comes to scheduling things. I have a different coloured pen that I use for each family member so I can see at a glance who needs to be where and when. When I receive an invitation – I decide whether or not I want to go, check the calendar to see if I can go, and then send an RSVP IMMEDIATELY.
I also have a large “Household Organisation” binder which is divided into various sections eg Dance, School, Soccer, Travel etc. I keep all notes, tickets, prescriptions etc in this binder so that I am not looking through piles of paperwork trying to locate a note.
Bills to be paid are noted on the calendar and then filed in the “payables” section. Once a week, I check the calendar and take care of any bills that need to be paid in the next week.
I have recently started using “YNAB” (You Need a Budget) to record our finances. I have never been much good at tracking our expenses in the past, but YNAB is very user friendly and I am now in the habit of updating it on a daily basis. This really helps in making me aware of where our money is going.
Love the photo at the top of this post !

Tracy January 26, 2017 - 7:55 AM

I have always been the Queen of List Writers. When my children were very little I always had lists on the go. And when they were little I did a lot of the things you’ve suggested here. Living in a household of adults and near-adults throws a lot of things for a loop, though. When I was home over summer my kitchen was tidy and clean, the house was uncluttered and stuff was being dealt with regularly. And then I went back to work (where I am for about 11 hours a day) and left my baby adults and near-adult at home. Can I say *grumpy face*?! These people thwart me at every turn!
Meanwhile – I have a list on my desk at work and it will all be done by the end of Monday. Because I get to be the boss of that space!
I have learnt to ask “what would you like to cook” when I’m meal planning, and then spelling out who needs to cook – that has helped immensely.

Melissa @ All Around Oz January 27, 2017 - 6:35 AM

I would be lost if I didn’t write lists. Hubby and I use Google Keep and Google Calendar to keep track of our schedules. As he works a rotating roster this means he can check whats happening anytime as it syncs and shares between devices and people.

Teagan Eden-Street January 30, 2017 - 6:04 PM

So many of these I do or used to do. My OCD meant I cleaned my kitchen from front-to-back right after dinner, I was seriously compulsive about it & its not till now with a 2 yo & a FIFO hubby that I appreciate that OCD aspect haha I also need to start making the bed every morning again. The diary is defiantly a big thing in our house! if it is not written down its not done, brought or picked up; not to mention it tracks my hubby’s & my work for the tax man haha.


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