What can you do with unwanted bras?

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

If you have bras you don’t wear, don’t fit or are worn out, don’t throw them out – here’s how to donate or recycle your unwanted or old bras.

Whenever I declutter my clothing, I like to donate my good quality items to charity. However, when it comes to bras, there are a couple of different ways you can donate or recycle them.

Recently, one of our community members reached out to ask about this so I thought I’d share my tips! Here’s what you can do with your old or unwanted bras.

new or gently-used bras

Many of us have bras in our drawers that we just don’t end up wearing much. It might not fit quite right, it’s the wrong colour for under your clothes, or maybe your size has changed. Whatever the reason, bras that are still in great condition can be donated to women who need them!

Support the Girls is an Australian organisation that supports women and girls experiencing difficult circumstances such homelessness or domestic violence. One of the practical ways they support is by providing bras and personal hygiene items.

Support the Girls can accept bras that are good quality – not stretched or marked, with hooks and fasteners in good working condition and wires in place. These types of bras can be donated: 

  • Normal Bras (contour)
  • Soft Cups (Huge demand for these)
  • Underwire bras
  • Maternity
  • Plus size bras (Huge demand for these)
  • Sports bras
  • Crop Top bras

Find out how to donate your bras to Support the Girls here. There are many drop-off locations around Australia or your donation can be posted in.

Many charity shops will also accept good quality bras, so if you’re wondering whether you can put your bras in with your other clothing donations, the answer is yes.

well-loved and old bras

While older bras can be nice and comfy, there does come a point where they’re really not doing their job too well anymore! When it’s time to clear out bras not fit for donation, there is an alternative to throwing them in the bin where they end up as landfill.

Retail stores with donation points

The retail chains Zara and H&M both have clothes donation programmes where you can donate old clothing including bras in any condition. Quality garments are donated to those in need. Garments that are made from cotton, wool or polyester are recycled into new fabrics while other types of fabrics are made into construction materials. Find your nearest Zara store here and H&M store here.

Underwear for Humanity

Underwear for Humanity is a charitable organisation that will take any brand or type of underwear and sort, sanitise and shred it for recycling. It is then given a second life as carpet underlay or insulation. It also provides employment for at-risk youths. You do have to be a customer of theirs however to recycle your old bras with them.

add support to a dress or top

If you have a piece of clothing that lacks support, you can sew in an old bra to give you the shape you need. Find out how to do it here

So next time you’re clearing out your undie drawer, sort your unwanted bras into ‘donate’ and ‘recycle’ piles. Now you know how they can help the community or be kind to the planet.

Happy decluttering!


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