Task 39 – Declutter 52 things in 52 weeks challenge

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My definition of purge – sell, donate, repurpose or throw away items as you see fit


I’m so sorry we are a little behind in the declutter tasks, promise to have them all updated soon.

Declutter 52 things in 52 weeks - Task 39

Craft Supplies

I have recently moved my office into my old craft area, which meant moving my craft area into a smaller space and losing some of my storage.  I created a good mess!

Craft Room Makeover

 I went through most of my craft supplies and had a good heart to heart with myself about everything I was holding onto.  I had a draw full of untouched teddy making supplies which I inherited from my grandmother who passed well over a decade ago. Cross stitch patterns, books and more which I have not touched since I was pregnant with my youngest 10 years ago and with my fingers so bad with arthritis these days I know I will never cross stitch again.  I found my old music books from when I played the organ as a child, folk art supplies which made me sad whenever I looked at them as Mum and I did this together.  And finally lots and lots of materials and sewing products from my mum which I haven’t touched since she passed over 2 years ago.  But then I do have loads of other craft items which I do frequently use like scrapbooking products (even though I haven’t scrapbooked for a while we do use the stickers and stamps often), paints and canvases which are often used over the school holidays.

Many of the items above have been in my cupboard untouched for many years.  I have fond memories of sitting next to my Nan as she made her teddies and loved chatting to mum as she created her quilts.  I kept these items thinking I was keeping the memory of them, but I have a completed teddy and quilt from each of them and will always have my fond memories in my heart and don’t need the items in my cupboards for the reminder. So I bundled them all together and donated them to my local charity.

I put them in plastic bags and labelled the bags so the charity knew what they were.

Craft Room Makeover 2

Craft Room Makeover 1

Emotionally it was really hard to let go of these items, but honestly a few weeks later I am so pleased to have better use of this space and to fit other things that I use often in them now.  I will forever have those beautiful memories with me they will never be lost of forgotten.

Todays task is to:

Go through your craft supplies and purge the items that you have not used in such a long time.  Be realistic with yourself if you will use them in the future.  You could donate them to your local charity, nursing home or kindergarten.

How many items have you been able to purge today?

I would like to see a photo of your purge pile on Instagram, use the hashtag #declutter52


Bullet Journalling Changed My Life

Inside my bullet journal

My Craft Room Overhaul – as I mentioned above I have just recently changed my craft room around which I will share with you all the new details soon.

Craft Room Storage Ideas

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 Please join the Declutter Challenge, I truly hope that together we can make a difference in your home

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