Task 24 – Declutter 52 Things in 52 Weeks Challenge – Bedside Table

It’s week 24 of my Declutter 52 Things in 52 Weeks Challenge. If you haven’t signed up yet, join me today as I help you remove all those things in your home you no longer need or use.

A clutter free environment is crucial for when I want to have a clutter free mind. This is why I like to set the right tone from the moment I open my eyes. My bedside table is the first thing I see when I wake up (or if I’m lying the other way it’s Mr Organised!), so I like to keep it tidy. If I see clutter first thing in the morning I start the day grumpy (similar to a messy kitchen) – and that’s no fun for anyone.

Whilst I don’t keep much on my bedside table, what I do keep has a purpose and a place. If this is any area you struggle with, than this week’s declutter task will help you wake to a calm clutter-free space too.

Declutter challenge - organise and declutter the home

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Decluttering Task #24

Bedside Table

I don’t keep very much on my bedside table – my lamp, diffuser (which has been very helpful during winter to ease a cough I have niggling), flowers and a clock. I removed my illuminating alarm clock a few years ago as I was going through a period where I couldn’t sleep. I would lie there at night watching the time pass and I got so frustrated. I typically wake before the kids so don’t need an alarm each morning, but on the days I do I set my iPad.

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Bedside clocks

In my drawer I keep moisturiser for my hands, a photo of my Nan, notepad and pen for those moments a great idea sparks, nail file and a chapstick. In my lower drawer I keep all my very special keepsakes; letters the hubby and I used to write each other before we got married (LOL, the days before texting even existed!), special things from my mum and Nannas, and cards the kids have given me for Mother’s Day over the years. 

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Note: My definition of purge – sell, donate, repurpose or throw away items as you see fit

  • Look onto your bedside table, as well as inside the drawers. See what storage solutions aren’t working.
  • Remove everything from the bedside table and drawers, grouping like items together.
  • Determine what items you haven’t used in over 12 months and consider purging them.
  • Clean your bedside table removing any built up dust. 
  • Add any new and/or your current storage products in your drawers to help you keep it organised.
  • Place items back in a tidy and organised manner. 

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Relaxing bedroom for mum

How many items have you been able to purge today?

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