Decluttering 52 Things – Task #5: Under laundry sink

What is hiding under your laundry sink?  Do you have some bags from a vacuum cleaner you got rid of a few years ago or cleaning products that haven’t been used in over 12 months, perhaps there maybe some used light bulbs?

Declutter under laundry tub

Today let’s remove 5 things from under the laundry tub that you don’t use any more.

My List of 5:

  1. I had an excess of old toothbrushes
  2. Old sponges
  3. Lipstick (hmmm, I can’t explain this one)
  4. A mop refil sponge (don’t have mop anymore)
  5. Icecream container

Here is what I keep underneath the tub:

  • Old toothbrushes and my favourite Tupperware brushes, I use for cleaning grout, around the bathroom taps and window tracks (I stocked up on the Tupperware brushes went I left)
  • Cat shampoo, yes I am a crazy lady that thought I could wash my cat regularly….bahaha, what a joke that was
  • Shower nozzle to clean cat easily (I can still hear you laughing at
  • Drain-o
  • Mop/Soaking bucket
  • Double adapters (in basket under the brushes)

Laundry sink declutter ideas

 What 5 items have you thrown away?


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Under sink storage ideas kitchen sink.

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