How to declutter and organise your home with kids – and keep it that way

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Kids are so good at creating messes and accumulating clutter, which usually sends us a little crazy, giving us the illusion it is impossible to declutter and organise your home.  However, with a few simple rules it is possible to have kids, a tidy home and keep it that way.


How to declutter and organise your home with kids

Your house does not need to be show-home spotless, we don’t want that, our goal is to have a homely lived in house, whilst keeping the clutter manageable.

1. Purge all clutter

Ok this is one very obvious tip, but honestly it’s the foundation and key starting point to organise your home.  Sort through the kids toys, clothes, drawers and all the other ‘stuff’.   Purge (donate, giveaway, sell, hand-down etc):

  • clothes the kids have outgrown or anything that is broken
  • toys they no longer play with
  • ornaments and other decorative items that no longer suit their personality or age
  • excess toys – do they have too much, consider rotating them
  • books that are no longer suitable for their age group

With less stuff this will make their space easier to keep tidy and be more manageable.

2. Create homes and zones for kids items

Kids have so much stuff, shoes, school bags, homework, reading books, toys, clothes ooh the list is endless.  Make sure all their items have a home or area they belong. Create a designated play zones for the kids (bedroom, playroom, lounge room) teach them from a young age once they have finished playing to put everything away, ie. no eating lunch until toys are away, no TV until toys are away etc.

Here are a few zones I have made in our home:


Read more about the toyroom makeover above, here.

3. Routines for kids

Giving me kids a routine to follow each morning completely saves my sanity.  In their routine they are to brush their teeth before getting dressed (so toothpaste doesn’t spill on their clean uniform), make their bed, tidy their room etc.  By getting them to keep their room tidy it’s one less thing for me to worry about.


Read more about my families before school routine, here.

4. Get the kids to help

Getting the kids to help around the house teaches them responsibility, giving them self-confidence and is of course so very helpful for you!  I remember when my kids first asked to unpack the dishwasher I didn’t think they were capable, I was wrong.  Just stand back and let them have a go.


Read through my list of age appropriate chores here.

If you’re struggling to get your house under control you may enjoy the 20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge.  Through the challenge I guide you on organising and decluttering one area a day to reduce the overwhelm.  Taking your time helps make the process easier and gives you the opportunity to really consider if you need all the excess you have collected over the years.  Share daily routines to help start every day in better spirits, your family will notice the warmth in your smile and overall calmness.


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