Five Inspiring Organised Shelves

Over on instagram I often share some inspiring images of delightfully organised spaces that I have found while searching the web.  For those that don’t follow me on Instagram (my username is theorganisedhousewife) here are a few inspiring organised spaces, and some very organised shelves, including my own gift wrapping station which is on a shelf in my hall cupboard.

Organised Shelves

GIFT WRAPPING STATION – I use a shelf in my hall cupboard to organise all my wrapping supplies. If I buy gifts ahead for family and friends, I keep them here until I am ready to wrap it. It’s a good place to also keep a few little gifts that would be suitable for most people if I need a last minute present for someone. All these products (except the little drawers) can be purchased from our shop.

  SHOP: the look here.

Gift Wrapping Station

ORGANISED CRAFT SPACE – Very impressed with how neat and tidy this children’s craft space is! It would be so easy to find what you are looking for when the creative juices are flowing.  Original image credit unknown.


TOY STORAGE IDEA – This clever bookshelf space could also be used in an adult reading area or a teenage bedroom! Rails and baskets like these are also easy to find at Ikea. Image via @projectnursery Although as somebody suggested the shelves should be lowered so little kids can easily access the books.


MY HAPPY PLACE – Everyone needs a happy place to escape to! Love the use of colour in this happy space. Image credit @targetaus


BEAUTY STORAGE IDEA – Most women struggle to find space for all their beauty products and I completely understand this struggle! These cute shelves are a great idea if you don’t have much space to work with, I always love the idea of utilising wall space. Image via @gracefulorder


What shelf in your home needs organising?

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