5 key tips to organising bliss

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

{The Organised Housewife} 5 key tips to organised bliss

Have you realised that you have too much clutter?  Is it having a draining effect on you? Here are 5 key tips to organised bliss.

  1. Create a charity bag –  As you regularly clean your home and pick up an item you know you no longer need or clothing that no longer fits you or the kids, add it to your charity bag.  Then once its full put it in your car, next time you are driving past a charity bin you can drop it in.  The key is placing it in your car once full, otherwise it will stay exactly where you left it for another month or so.
  2. Educate the kidsYou are teaching your children a very valuable tool of organising, life lessons as such.  If they know how to organise while young, they will hopefully continue with this skill through life.
  3. Set the timer – If you don’t have big pockets of time, set a timer and give yourself 30 minutes each day to unpack a box, sort through the pile in the corner or to tidy a shelf in the cupboard. Over a period of a few days you will notice a great difference.
  4. Reduce your collections – Take some time to sort through your ever-growing collection of books, magazines, Tupperware, craft supplies etc, donating them to a local charity.
  5. Return everything to its home – Once you have finished with an item return it to its home.  Everything must have a ‘home’ making it easier for you to locate it when you need it next.

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