10 tips for choosing colour in your home

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

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10 tips for choosing colour in your home

When we first moved into our home I painted a feature wall in the kids bedrooms. I love colour and felt leaving their walls cream like the rest of the house was bland.  Miss 9’s bedroom just makes me smile, it’s just so bright and colourful, I really don’t think it would feel this way if it wasn’t for the burst of colour on the wall.  I shared a post last week on Miss 9’s new bedroom makeover.

{The Organised Housewife} Girls Bedroom Makeover 23

I’ve also made Mr 11’s bedroom wall really vibrant.  I wanted to paint it recently back to a solid colour, but he loves the strips and has asked me to leave it a little while longer.

Tip: I based the colours of these strips on bed linen he had several years ago, thankfully this new doona cover (from Big W) still matches really well with is wall. 

{The Organised Housewife} Tween Boy Bedroom Ideas

Don’t shy away from adding colour to walls

Taubmans Brand Ambassador and Colour Creaive Director, Shaynna Blaze has created the 10 Commandments of Colour.  To help those struggling with choosing colour, sharing tips for quick and easy rules to follow when selecting paint colour, how to manipulate a space with colour,  how to get the colour proportions right and the right colour combinations.  You can view the list in full here where Shaynna goes into more detail about each of the commandments, or watch her video below.

Commandment 1 - Correct Proportions 1

10 Commandments of Colour

  1. When picking your colour scheme get the proportions correct
  2. Embrace the emotion of colour in your home
  3. For a visually striking room, choose complementary colours
  4. For a casual feel, choose analogous colours
  5. Embrace bright colours to create the illusion of space
  6. Manipulate space with the right colour combinations
  7. Add sophistication to a playful colour palette using black
  8. Warm up or cool down your home with colour
  9. A neutral palette can still be impactful
  10. Use colours from your past as inspiration

Picking the right colour

Once you have a good idea of what you want to do visit the Taubmans.com.au website where you can virtually test our their huge selection of colours using their Paint Your Own Room tool.  I really like that this feature really takes the guessing out of determining which is the best colour for your room, giving you a really good visual of how the different colours will look in the room.  So if you have ever wondered what your room will look like with a pop of colour this tool will definitely give you a great indication.

Using The Paint your Own Room tool you simply:

  1. Upload your photo – upload a picture of the room
  2. Mark your walls – then you can digitally re-colour the walls with the variety of hue choices available
  3. Choose the right colour – helps you determine the best colour choice

Find the Paint Your Own Room Tool on the Taubmans website.

As you can see below I have uploaded Mr 11’s bedroom wall into the Paint Your Own Room tool.  I then indicated the surface area I wanted to paint.  I picked all the areas with different shadow tones.  I then marked around the edges of his bed so it knew not to include the bed.  This only took a matter of seconds, really easy.

Screen Shot 1

Then I chose a few colour samples to see what colour would best suit his bedroom now.

Screen Shot 2Screen Shot 3

This tool is great to see that perhaps the green above is too dark and a lighter hue would be better suited.

Screen Shot 4

Using Shaynna’s 10 Commandements of Colour tips and the Paint Your Own Wall tool, this will defiantly make your next home DIY project a breeze!

What colour have you been wanting to paint on a wall in your home?

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