Meet the Team

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

The Organised Housewife now reaches over 2 million (fabulous!) people a month. It’s grown into a one-stop-shop for a daily dose of domestic advice that makes life simpler, tidier, and less chaotic… and having that all run seamlessly takes a lot of work! Kat now employs a team of four, who help her to deliver the tips and tricks which have made The Organised Housewife a household name.

Kat is the first to put her hand up and admit that we all need a little help sometimes, but all that aside, she actually quite likes having such an awesome bunch of ladies in the office to brainstorm and banter with.


Kat Springer

The Organising and Checklist Queen

I’m Kat, and The Organised Housewife is my fourth baby – my hubby and I  have three adorable teenagers plus 2 super cute furbabies! It’s probably no surprise that I love home cooked food, a tidy house, and a good checklist. It makes me happy and calm, but I certainly wasn’t born this way! After my kids were born I struggled with the chaos, and so I taught myself to be more organised. Slowly but surely I replace the chaos with calm, and I am now incredibly passionate about sharing these lessons with other mums.

My top tip: One of the biggest struggles I had when my babies were little was keeping on top of the laundry, I always had piles of washing everywhere.  I love to organise and my way to keep on top of Mt Washmore now is to organise the dirty laundry too!!   There’s no stopping me, I organised EVERYTHING.  

Clare Bratina

Head of quietly judging (aka, every graphic designer)

Hello! My name is Clare and I am addicted to the world of design. I have been working with Kat since April 2018, creating the stunning and cute printables and physical products you all purchase and have in your home. I’m not going to lie, it’s definitely a bit of an ego boost LOL! I have a handsome little man who has started school and I definitely don’t know how I survived parenting without Kat’s forever growing adulting 101 (aka. the blog)

Top tip I have learnt from Kat is: Balance, truly finding my balance between being a mum working on her career in design and being a mum that prioritises her family too! I have gone from being busy for the sake of being busy to… it’s okay to switch off and enjoy this moment! I no longer feel guilty on a Saturday night leaving an email till Monday!

Kate Dawson

Social Media Whiz and Office Ninja

Hi everyone! I’m Kate, I’ve been with Kat since May 2018 and am the resident social media manager and admin assistant. Although I don’t have kids myself (yet!), I come from a background in childcare so have a little bit of experience with the rascals. I love baking, cats, travelling, music and am slowly beginning to enjoy cleaning the house… who even says that?!!

Top tip I have learnt from Kat is: You can do anything as long as you have the hard work and determination. Also, that the smell in the toilet is coming from under the toilet seat!

Tess Wagner

The Wonder Woman of Words

Hello lovely people, I’m Tess and I love to write. I have been helping Kat with her PR and content marketing since April 2019, and am soaking up all the goodness that has come from communicating with such a fabulous community of women. I’m a mum of two boys, and a step-mum to two more, so life for me is pretty hectic. I’m in absolute awe of Kat’s organised and methodical approach to life, and am lapping up her advice on how to breathe a little calm into my family’s crazy chaos!

Top tip I have learnt from Kat is: Break it down, keep it simple, and remember that huge tasks are just an accumulation of lots of tinier ones. That and meal planning – how did I ever survive before meal planning?!