The Organised Housewife now reaches over 2 million (fabulous!) people a month. It’s grown into a one-stop-shop for a daily dose of domestic advice that makes life simpler, tidier, and less chaotic… and having that all run seamlessly takes a lot of work!

There is now an online store, Organised HQ that has a huge range of organising and cleaning products for all areas of the home, from the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms and more. Shop from the comfort of your home and have your goodies delivered to your door. Plus, there are printables, planners, checklists, notepads and more to help you stay organised around the home and help you to create routines.

Kat employs a team of nine, who help her to send out all the wonderful household goodies and deliver the tips and tricks which have made The Organised Housewife and Organised HQ household names.

Kat is the first to put her hand up and admit that we all need a little help sometimes, and she says that she really couldn’t do it all without them. But all that aside, she actually quite likes having such an awesome bunch of people in the office and warehouse to brainstorm and banter with.



I’m Kat, and The Organised Housewife is my fourth baby – my hubby and I  have three adorable teenagers plus 2 super cute furbabies! It’s probably no surprise that I love home cooked food, a tidy house, and a good checklist. It makes me happy and calm, but I certainly wasn’t born this way! After my kids were born I struggled with the chaos, and so I taught myself to be more organised. Slowly but surely I replace the chaos with calm, and I am now incredibly passionate about sharing these lessons with other mums.

My top tip: One of the biggest struggles I had when my babies were little was keeping on top of the laundry, I always had piles of washing everywhere.  I love to organise and my way to keep on top of Mt Washmore now is to organise the dirty laundry too!! There’s no stopping me, I organised EVERYTHING.  



Hi. My name is Erica. I am the person who gets to bring all your favourite products into your life. With over 10 years experience in sourcing and developing product, my daily focus is to help make your life easier through bringing amazing product that we have personally tested available to you through the Organised HQ shop.

Top tip I have learnt from Kat is: Trust your instinct and don’t be afraid to look at something from many different angles, which happens to be much more fun than always looking in one direction.

rochelle lindquist


Hello all! I’m Rochelle and I’m person behind the camera helping Kat to create all the fun content you see online. I come from a background in digital marketing and content creation.  

I love jumping on a trend and forcing Kat to lip sync to an audio (and I’m hoping to get her dancing soon!) It’s been so great to join such a fun vibrant team of strong, smart women and I’m loving all the organising tips and tricks I’m picking up in my role.

Top Tip: Always give something new a go, you never know what you’re capable of until you try.

damien salt


Hey! I’m Damien, the Warehouse Manager at Organised HQ. I’m generally up to my elbows in stock and orders and I can organise boxes like a big game of Tetris. I love creating a positive, fun work culture in the Organised HQ warehouse and making sure everyone gets their turn to pick the Spotify playlist.

As a father of two active kids, I spend my downtime at the beach, outside with family or at the kids’ sports training and games. An avid sports fan, I also coach rugby, rugby league and basketball.

Top tip: Don’t procrastinate – just jump in and get it done.



Hi, My name is Jill and I am your contact person if you require any assistance with all things OrganisedHQ. My aim is to make the shopping experience with us as easy and seamless as possible.

My job really helps me connect with Kat’s community and I love receiving and reading all the amazing reviews and feedback about how Kat is helping organise and truly change people’s lives for the better.

Top tip I have learnt from Kat is: A smile and a positive attitude is the best way to approach any situation.

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My mission is to inspire and empower others to achieve a sense of order and balance in their homes, enabling them to easily tackle daily tasks so then the rest of the day is filled with activities that bring them joy.

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As a popular blogger, influencer, and author, I draw from my expertise in home organisation, cleaning, and meal planning to offer practical tips and heartfelt encouragement to my audience.