Weekly Meal Plan – Chicken and Bacon Casserole in the Slow Cooker and more


Struggling to know what to cook for dinner?  Each Monday I will share my families weekly meal plan and other recipes to help inspire you.  I use easy family friendly recipes that the kids will enjoy.  I do try my best to keep our meal plan healthy, however we may have something every now that may not be.  See my previous weekly meal plans here.

Meal planning tips:  How to meal plan & meal planning printables.

This weeks meal plan


Chicken and Bacon Casserole in the Slow Cooker

This truly is an easy slow cooker dinner, you can’t get much simpler.  It’s a matter of adding some diced chicken, bacon and onion to the slow cooker along with a can of soup and pour in some wine to taste.  I serve this with pasta, but if you really want to you could add some diced potato into the slow cooker then you will have an instant meal when finished.



Pork chops with mashed sweet potato and steamed vegetables


Baked Fish with Coconut Rice and salad

Infuse a simple fish fillet with the taste of Thailand. Our lime and ginger marinade tastes perfect teamed with sweet coconut rice



Lamb rissoles, cauliflower puree, steamed carrot and broccoli.

We often have mashed potato, the kids love it and it’s a great side to any meat and 3 vegetable style dinner.  However lately I have been trying to come up with alternatives. This cauliflower puree was delicious and is going to remain one of my go-to side dish recipes as the kids really enjoyed it!


Homemade Fried Rice



Dinner out with family


Roast vegetable and fetta salad with BBQ chook

This is the perfect meal to make when you need to do a clean out of your vegetable crisper or you are short on time.

roast vegetable and feta salad


Bliss balls for kids lunchbox (their school does not have a nut restriction)


Milo and Coconut Cookies

I love finding recipes that can be made straight from the pantry.  By that I mean no need to buy something special for the grocery store.  This simple and tasty milo and coconut cookie recipe is just that.  I quickly made a batch of these so the kids had something to snack on before an afternoon at karate.  It was really hard to stop at one, they were that good.

What is on your meal plan this week?

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Kylie May 25, 2015 - 4:22 PM

love the look of the fish and coconut rice, will have to put that on the menu for next week. Our meals:

Sat: Homemade Spring Rolls & Fried Rice
Sun: Tuna Patties & Salad
Mon: Thai-Marinaded Chicken Skewers and Crunchy Noodle Salad
Tue: Ravioli
Wed: Silverside & Veg
Thus: Slow-cooker Massaman Beef & Rice
Fri: Takeaway

Baking – Cheesy-mite Scrolls

Katrina - The Organised Housewife May 27, 2015 - 9:07 AM

Ooh what i beautiful meal plan! I just love Massaman beef and rice…YUM!.:)

Julia K May 26, 2015 - 9:46 AM

Here’s our plan for this week:

Sunday – Lamb Roast w/ veggies
Monday – Cream of Cauliflower Soup
Apricot Chicken w/ rice & green beans
Tuesday – Coconut Curry Sausages w/ mash & Veggies
Wednesday – Crumbed Chicken Tenderloins w/ Plum Sauce & Fried Rice
Thursday – Oven Roasted Pork Fillet with Orange & Macadamia Nut Sauce, Creamy Mash & Broccolini
Friday – Dinner at a local restaurant – my Birthday 🙂
Saturday – Baked Fish w/ coconut rice – this sounded so delicious it just HAD to go on this week’s plan !

Baking – Buttermilk Cinnamon Scrolls ( I discovered my long lost recipe while doing some decluttering last week and as my oven is finally fixed – I couldn’t wait to make these for breakfast on Sunday – not a crumb left LOL)
Jam & Cream Muffins – Made these this morning for the kids’ lunches – I thought the mixture looked quite dry and added a little more milk – they really are quite yummy !

Katrina - The Organised Housewife May 27, 2015 - 9:09 AM

Ooh Julia what a gorgeous meal plan! So much variety, i love it.:)


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