Weekly Meal Plan #13

Preparing the week’s meals ahead of time will help save money, waste and the headache of having to think on the spot after a long day.  This weeks meal ideas have been suggested by Kylie who is a valued reader of The Organised Housewife blog.

Please share what you are having this week below, I’d love to read it!!


Each week I am going to share one meal planning/grocery budget tip to help you through this process.

Make your own cleaning products – Sometimes your grocery shop can exceed budget and this is because you’ve had to purchase essentials like toilet paper and cleaning supplies.  Consider making your own cleaning products. I do and have saved so much money, reduced chemicals in the home and more importantly, my reusable wipes have reduced landfill.

Find more of my meal planning tips here:


Chicken Parmigiana 

RECIPE: Chicken Parmigiana with Avocado and Vegetables


Porcupine Meatballs

RECIPE: Porcupine Meatballs


Lamb Korma – Make this fragrant lamb korma for a fantastic dinner feast.

RECIPE: Lamb Korma


Shepherd’s Pie – As winter approaches we are start to enjoy the casseroles and pies.  My hubby cooked this Shepherd’s Pie for us, something quick and easy for him to prepare.

RECIPE: Quick Shepherd’s Pie 


Homemade Burgers

RECIPE: Homemade Beef Burgers


Super Easy Cheats Beef Lasagne – This recipe is so super simple using pre-made sauces from the supermarket for those nights you are feeling like some comfort foot but not spending too much time cooking.

RECIPE: Super Easy Cheats Beef Lasagne


Simple Thai Chicken Curry – This is a delicious meal that is super fast.

RECIPE: Simple Thai Chicken Curry


Ham & Corn Muffins

RECIPE: Ham & Corn Muffins

What is on your meal plan this week?


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