Weekly Family Meal Plan #229

This week’s Family Meal Plan features comforting and hearty meals perfect for winter. From slow cooker dinners to warming soups and homemade burgers, we’ve got your week covered with delicious and satisfying dishes.


Lamb Chops, Mash and Vegetables – I sprinkle my lamb chops with Season All and cook under the griller.


Beef and Bacon Pasta Bake – with salad on the side


Slow Cooker Honey Chicken – Unlike Chinese Honey Chicken this recipe doesn’t have batter, instead the chicken is coated in a honey sauce. Serve with Rice. 


Frozen Fish with potato gems and steamed vegetables – easy dinner. 


Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Burger – full of so many flavours


Homemade Pizza with left over pulled pork – we kept it simple with bbq sauce over the base, then pulled pork, sprinkle capsicum, onion, cheese. Cook then add rocket ontop to serve. 


Beef Vegetable and Barley Soup – When someone in the house is feeling under the weather, a comforting bowl of Beef Vegetable and Barley Soup can do wonders. This hearty soup is not only delicious but is packed with nutrients from lean beef, vegetables, and barley that aid in recovery. It’s a wholesome, soothing meal that’s perfect for those recuperating days.


Energy Muffins – a yummy pick-me-up to get through those long mornings

meal plans

inspiration to create your family weekly dinner plan


tried, tested + easy recipes the whole family will enjoy


Meal planning comes with numerous benefits. It not only saves you time and money but also reduces food waste and stress about what to cook each day. Moreover, it helps in maintaining a balanced diet. By incorporating meal planning into your routine, you can ensure that you and your family enjoy varied and nutritious meals every day. 

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