Weekly Family Meal Plan #167

7 days of delicious family meals packed with hearty, easy and time-saving dinner ideas. 

This week’s meal plan is packed full of variety and there is something for everyone in the family. Check out the Lamb Rissoles, Slow Cooker ‘Antipasto’ Penne, Sticky Honey-Soy Chicken Stir Fry and more! Enjoy an Easy Mint Chocolate Cake to satisfy your sweet tooth. 


Lamb Rissoles – This recipe is an old fashioned favourite that completes potato mash and three vegetables as a great meal to feed the family


Slow Cooker ‘Antipasto’ Penne – This delicious one-pot pasta is packed with six vegetables per serve!


Sticky honey-soy chicken stir-fry – Up the ante of your usual stir-fry with this sticky honey-soy chicken recipe. With just 10 minutes prep time needed, it’s a delicious dinner without the hassle. 


Baked Spaghetti – Enjoy that melty layer of cheese on top of this baked spaghetti!


Salmon and Polenta – Salmon fillets are perfect for family dinners. Serve them with grilled polenta, a sweet and comforting carb alternative to potatoes, which take forever to cook.


Southwest Quinoa Salad – A healthy Southwest Quinoa Salad with zesty lime vinaigrette. This cold quinoa salad can be made ahead for meal prep lunches or dinners.


Roast Lamb Koftas with Pumpkin and Crisp Couscous – Keep Sunday night simple with these Middle Eastern roast lamb koftas recipe.


Easy Mint and Chocolate Cake –The mint chocolate topping balances out the flavours to make this cake deliciously indulgent without being too rich.

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