Weekly Family Meal Plan #148

Tasty dinner ideas for this week’s family meal plan. Find some inspiration for your own meal plan with a good variety of family friendly meals.

When I write out my week’s meal plan I try and factor in meals to suit days I know that are busy and I will be short on time. I also like to include a range of different meal types so that we are eating a good variety each week. I hope you find some inspiration for your own meal plan from the recipes below.


Each week I plan my meals for the following week, this is called meal or menu planning. Some think it’s not worth it, but it really is a simple task that takes 5-10 minutes to plan one week of meals. The money and time that these five minutes save me throughout my week, makes it well worth the effort.


Chicken and Roast Pumpkin Pasta Bake – This pasta bake is a crowd pleaser. All the yummy things baked together, chicken, bacon, roast pumpkin, macaroni and a cheese sauce! Serve with a nice side salad or garlic bread.


Lamb, Barley and Vegetable Soup – This slow cooker soup recipe is hearty and delicious. Plus it is so nutritious with all the veggies, barley and lamb. Hearty comfort food during winter.


Fish, Chips and Coleslaw– This is a great option for those super busy nights but you don’t want to get takeaway. Grab a salad kit, and frozen chips and fish from your local supermarket and you’re set for dinner. Much more budget friendly than getting takeaway too!


Hit n Run Tray Baked Chicken – Doesn’t everyone love a Jamie Oliver recipe? This chicken tray-bake is quick and easy to prep and get in the oven, which is perfect after a busy day. It tastes delicious and looks so colourful. You could try it with couscous and some steamed veggies on the side.


Toasted Sandwiches– I love a good cheese toastie, and some Friday nights an easy dinner is definitely called for! Check out the list below of heaps of ideas for toasted sandwich filling ideas. 


Sang Choy Bow  – meals you can eat with your hands are often a hit with kids who are fussy eaters. Try these lettuce wrapped parcels of deliciousness with your family, you might find a winner that gets requested regularly.


Baked Tomato Risotto – A baked risotto dish that is absolutely delicious. The recipes calls for melted provola cheese on top, but you could substitute with mozzarella or bocconcini cheese instead.


Choc Sprinkle Cookies – a delicious chocolatey cookie recipe. The cookies are lovely and soft with a little bit of crunch from the hard white choc top. So yummy for afternoon tea or as a little lunchbox treat.



inspiration to create your family weekly meal plan

Each week I share a meal plan that is packed with easy to make recipes, with variety, all to help on those busy evenings.


tried, tested + easy recipes the whole family will enjoy

Find loads of family friendly meal ideas, delicious muffins, cakes, biscuits and more that every body will enjoy.

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