Weekly Family Meal Plan #141

Find a week’s worth of family friendly ideas for dinner in this week’s meal plan. There is a great mix of recipes, from ones that are quick to prepare, to hearty dishes perfect for the cooler weather.

This week I am planning to make some of my family’s favourite dinners like curried sausages, creamy beef gnocchi and my zucchini slice recipe. I have also included a few easy to make meals this week, with a slow cooker recipe and a ramen noodle soup. Read on below for some dinner inspiration for your family’s meal plan for the week.


Each week I plan my meals for the following week, this is called meal or menu planning. Some think it’s not worth it, but it really is a simple task that takes 5-10 minutes to plan one week of meals. The money and time that these five minutes save me throughout my week, makes it well worth the effort.


Chicken Pad Thai – This recipe sounds absolutely delicious and rather fast to put together with a cook time of 30 minutes. That would probably be quicker than going out and picking up takeaway.


Curried Sausages – This recipe takes me straight back to my childhood, as my nan used to make it for me. I regularly make it during the cooler months. I like to add boiled eggs to mine, just like Nan did, but you could easily leave them out if you prefer.


Slow Cooked Silverside – I love cooking silverside in the slow cooker – it’s delicious and so easy to put together. It’s very yummy with some mashed potato, steamed vegetables and mustard parsley sauce!


Zucchini and Vegetable Slice– one of my family’s favourite dishes that is always enjoyed by everyone. I try to make two batches, one for dinner that night with a salad, and a second one to slice up and pop in the freezer. 


Sticky Chicken Ramen – I really enjoy having ramen noodle soup when eating out so I decided to add it to the meal plan to make this week.


BBQ and Coleslaw – We are having a BBQ this Saturday night, and I will pre-make some of the sides, like a coleslaw and my easy potato bake.


Creamy Beef Gnocchi – my gnocchi recipe is a great option for family dinner on Sunday night. I just love the combo of pan fried gnocchi and a creamy beef bolognese. Serve with garlic bread on the side.


Pineapple and Coconut Muffins – these muffins are so quick to make, and the flavours of pineapple with coconut is a lovely summery burst in the mouth.



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