Weekly Family Meal Plan #107

A weekly family meal plan that’s full of hearty, home-cooked meals with a few quick and easy dinners thrown in for those busy weeknights too!

I’ve been making the most of the cold winter weather that’s well and truly upon us, by dishing up warm, wholesome dinners that my family have loved – and this week’s 7 day meal plan is no exception! It’s a tasty mix of warm comfort recipes, and quick and simple dishes that are perfect for busy weeknights.

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Veal Schnitzel and Steamed Veggies – I bought our schnitzels ready-made from the supermarket and paired them with some simple steamed veggies. If you’re feeling more adventurous though, you could try your hand at this recipe below which looks quite quick and simple. Plus it can be made with either pork, veal or chicken.

  Find this Authentic German Schnitzel recipe here.

Authentic German Schnitzel Recipe


Curried Fish Vegetable Pie – this is definitely one of my favourite winter meals! A real comfort meal, and the leftovers are delicious served up again the next day. If you’re preparing this for young children you could use a milder curry paste to suit their taste buds.

  Find my Curried Fish and Vegetable Pot Pie recipe here.

Fish and veg pot pie


Chicken Tacos – tacos are a healthy and quick meal that I like to dish up pretty frequently for my family. On this night we opted for easy chicken tacos with avocado and tomato – my family go absolutely crazy for Mexican food!

  Find this Easy Chicken Tacos recipe here.

Easy chicken taco recipe for busy weeknight meal


Sausage and Vegetable Bake – this is a fantastic (and super delicious!) recipe for using up any left over sausages. This bake makes a very affordable meal that’s great for growing children.

  Find my Sausage and Vegetable Pasta Bake recipe here.

Sausage and Veg Pasta Bake


Homemade Burgers – whilst you can make your own burger patties from scratch, I very often opt for pre-made ones from the supermarket. On this night we made our burgers from frozen Aldi beef patties. It’s a quick and easy dinner idea, and once you’ve added a little sauce and salad, these burgers are delicious!

  Find this Hamburger recipe here.

Homemade burger recipe for families


Avo Smash – I am a huge fan of simple dinner ideas like this! Add a little smoked salmon and feta to avocado smash on toast and you have yourself a super tasty (and quick!) dinner option. You could even add a poached egg!

  Find this Salmon and Smashed Avocado Bruschetta recipe here.

Avo on toast with smoked salmon


Chicken Noodle Soup – I try to get at least one meal in a week that’s packed with lots of veggies, and this soup certainly fits that bill! With the cold weather set in now, this is a great soup for keeping my family’s immune system strong – plus it taste’s delicious with crunchy bread.

  Find my Chicken Noodle Soup recipe here.

Chicken soup recipe


100+ Cookies – this is one of my absolute favourite recipes! The batter only requires four ingredients and then you couple this with whatever flavour mixes you like! Depending on the size you roll your cookie balls, you will get around 60-100 cookies from one batch.

  Find my 100+ Cookies From 1 Mix recipe here.


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