{Meal Planning} Readers Favourite Recipes

It has been such a busy weekend here at The Organised Housewife household; I didn’t get a chance to type up my usual Meal Plan for you all. Instead, some very lovely readers have been so kind to share their family favourite recipes. Thank you to each one of you for taking the time to provide links or the recipe instructions 🙂


Minestrone with meatballs ~ Tracy

Microwave Pumpkin Soup ~ Caroline

Chicken Soup ~ Gemma


Meatballs ~ Kristen {image credit}

Cottage Pie ~ Kristen

Aussie Meat Pies ~ Lisa

Porcupine Meatballs ~ Angela

Lasagne ~ Lisa

My kids love lasagne. I do cheat though. Cook mince and add mushrooms and a tin of crushed tomatoes. For the sauce i buy a jar of pasta bake (that’s the cheat) and stir that through mince then layer it all with lasagne sheets as normal and grate cheese over top. Cover and cook

Lasagne ~ Karen

I make my lasagne the same way Lisa I use to make all the sauces from scratch and thought one I day might try the pasta sauce and béchamel sauce and it was hit. Funny thing is my son prefers the store bought ones to mine lol

Slow cooked Beef ~ Angie

Tomorrow morning I’m going to get a big pot of beef casserole going in the slow cooker. Using just a supermarket bought flavour base and loads of vegies plus barley or soup mix. Serve with mash/rice/couscous/barley.

Savoury Sausages with Pineapple ~ Mid-Wife Nowis

Easy Meatballs ~Louise

Easy meatballs in sauce (kids love to help make these!) In a baking/roasting dish pour 1x large 800g can tomato soup, half fill the can with water and pour that in too. Add 1x tspn of basil or oregano and 2x tblspn tomato paste. Stir these to combine. Set aside. Then in a bowl add 500g mince. 2x eggs. 4x slices bread (chopped or pulled apart into cm pieces) 1x tspn garlic. Mixed herbs and salt & pepper to taste. Mix all above in the bowl, roll into small balls and place in the sauce- cook in oven 180•c for 35-45 mins. I serve with pasta spirals or penne (it’s easier for kids to pick ball and pasta up with their fork) and cheese sprinkled on top. My husband even loves these!! Older kids could almost do the whole thing. Mine are 6, 5 &2 and they love to do the bread part, mixing and rolling.

Chilli Con Carne ~ Melina

I made chilli con carne the other night, it’s often one that gets forgotten but is always a hit in our house, minimal ingredients, one pot, cheap and not messy.

Beef Casserole ~ Angie

I’ve been doing “loose meat” once a week lately (budget meal). Mince/onion flakes (my dd won’t eat cooked onion so I use the dried flakes)/bag of frozen peas, corn, and capsicum, any other veg. chicken stock cube, instant gravy powder, tomato sauce to taste, mixed herbs. Curry can be added but my kids don’t like it with curry. Serve on toast, with mash, pasta…etc.

Breakfast scramble ~ Jennifer

I do what’s called breakfast scramble- start off with a large skillet and then brown and crumble a roll of breakfast sausage. When it’s almost done add diced potatoes of your choice (around 3-5 depending on size – if you use red skinned potatoes you’ll need probably a few more than this). Also if you’re adding onions or green or red pepper, you’ll want to add them now as well. Put a couple pats of butter in with the potatoes and cook on med till completely done. Add the end whisk about 4 eggs in a bowl and then pour them over the sausage/potatoes and mix them in. When eggs look done you’re ready to eat! It’s really easy and filling and this large skillet worth feeds my 6 person family. We serve with a cup of fruit on the side 🙂

Moroccan Meatballs with Couscous ~ Sonia


Fiesta Paella with Chicken ~ Stephanie

Chicken Lasagne ~ Sally

One of the favs in our house for both adults and kids is a chicken lasagne with a nice crisp salad and a bit of cheesy garlic bread. I swap the dried lasagne sheets for fresh purely for faster cooking plus they taste better lol

Oven baked chicken and veg ~ Rebecca

our tea tomorrow night is quite simple but yummy and is budget friendly…chicken pieces, carrots, potato, pumpkin, all drizzled in honey and oil mixture then baked in the oven

Quick chicken salad ~ Ange

I pick up schnitzels from the deli and a Caesar salad kit. Bake the schnitzels, make the salad. Chop the schnitzels over the top. Add a few tomato slices and a couple olives. YUM!

Pear and Walnut Roast Chicken ~ Julie


Mushroom Risotto ~ Kristen

Salmon & Pasta ~ Kylie

When I’m home late or just lazy I boil a pot of pasta, drain & place in microwave proof casserole dish etc and put to the side. While pasta is cooking, finely chop one onion and fry in small m’wave bowl. Open large (400g approx) salmon and drain and roughly chop. To the pasta add – salmon, onion, tin tomato soup and cup or more of grated cheese. Heat it all through in microwave. Yummo and good omega 3 for kids brains!!

Pasta Bake ~ Kimberly

250g mince, 1 cup low fat ricotta, 1 cup low fat mozzarella, 225g large shell pasta (but could be any short pasta you like), jar of tomato sauce. Ready for the hard part…cook pasta, cook mince… then mix cooked pasta, mince, ricotta and mozzarella together in bowl. Spread bottom of baking dish with 1/3 of sauce, spread pasta mix into dish, top with remaining sauce. Sprinkle grated Parmesan on top and bake @ 180C for 30 minutes. You could add any veg that you like or salad on the side. Kids love it!

Salami Pasta ~ Bernadette

My salami pasta. All the kids love it! Pop your pasta on to cook, and in a frying pan with a little olive oil pop in some crushed garlic then chuck in cut bacon, salami and chorizo. Add some sundried tomato pesto and give it a good stir. Add a little cream and lower the heat. By the time the pasta is cooked, so is the sauce. If I have them I add cherry tomatoes halved, and pine nuts at the last minute. Tastes great with or without. I always use two salamis, one hot and one mild, and cut them differently (mild in half and hot into quarters) so the kids don’t get a surprise.


Fish cakes ~ Kristen {image credit}

Tuna Casserole ~ Erin

Tuna Casserole ~ Casey

Salmon Mornay ~ Angie

Salmon Mornay is another good one. Make a white sauce, add a tin of salmon, mixed herbs, chicken stock powder, and cheese to taste, and serve with rice…yum.


No Crust Quiche ~ Kristen

I used zucchini instead of gruyere and low fat tasty cheese instead of courgettes. Rose beautifully and was sooo easy! I put it in a foil BBQ tray and it came away from sides easily and doesn’t keep one of my Pyrex dishes in the freezer!

Pork Chow Mein ~ Caitlyn

Lamb and Rosemary Pies ~ Meredith

Frittata ~ Louise

Frittata is always a winner here. Beat 8 eggs, add a cup of dry pasta (cooked and cooled) and add anything else that you have in the fridge. Things I might add include bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, spring onions, sundried tomatoes, chicken, baby spinach leaves etc. Mix together with half a cup of grated cheese in a well greased pan. Cook on the stove top until the base is cooked then finish cooking under the grill to cook the top. I always add some extra cheese to the top before cooking too! yum yum 🙂


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