School lunchbox inspiration with this healthy and yummy school lunch idea that is easy to put together and rubbish free.

When I make school lunches my goal is for them to be quick and easy to put together as well as healthy and nutritious. To help you with some ideas for making school lunches (that the kids actually eat!), I  periodically share kids lunch box ideas to help inspire you. This easy peasy lunch idea comes packed with variety, can be thrown together in under 10 minutes, and is 100% waste free!

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Plain yoghurt + Muesli + Berries

school lunchbox inspiration


Easy Ham Salad: To make this: add a bottom layer of salad leaves, top with cucumber pieces, cheese chunks, cherry tomato halves and rolled up strips of ham. Add a very small amount of salad dressing if your child likes dressing.

Now I know many of you might think that kids will turn their noses up at salad for lunch. But often I find kids will enjoy a salad if it is presented to them in the right way. Kids love nibble foods and I have found that a salad with chunky pieces in it does get eaten. Only include items that they like and eat. Make sure none of the salad leaves you use are the bitter types. If they hate tomatoes but like capsicum then use capsicum pieces instead. Don’t add a dressing unless they like it.

School lunchbox inspiration - Rubbish free school lunchbox

Afternoon Tea

Boiled egg + raisin and oat biscuit.

MAKE THIS: My Chewy Raisin and Oat Biscuit Recipe

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What is for lunch today at your house?

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School lunchbox inspiration

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