80+ Kids favourite after school snack ideas

With a mix of healthy snacks and yummy treats, here is a list of over 80 after school snack ideas that kids are bound to love. Thanks to my community for these suggestions!

There is certainly something for everyone to enjoy in the list below. Meanwhile, download this printable list of after school snack ideas for kids visit this page herefor some healthy snack ideas for kids and to



  • cheese and chive muffins
  • pumpkin scones with a blob of butter
  • homemade sushi
  • 2 Minute noodles
  • zucchini slice
  • nachos – Can of baked beans, and grated cheese, lightly baked under the grill
  • chipolata size pork sausages from Woolworths. Place it on the bread, top with a dash of sauce and grated cheese and microwave for a bit. Instant snack size hotdog!
  • garlic bread with spaghetti left overs blended and scraped over like a fine patté
  • rice cakes with different toppings
  • avocado, tomato and fetta crackers
  • cheese, tomato on crackers
  • smashed avocado and cheese on a cruskit
  • sausage rolls
  • corn chips and salsa
  • 2 ingredient pizza
  • mini scrolls
  • ham + tomato + cheese toastie “Antipasto”!
  • 2 minute noodles + shredded BBQ chicken + sliced shallots + crushed potato crisps over the top
  • rice paper rolls filled with spinach, tuna or chicken, avocado, carrot, cucumber and a little bit of mayonnaise.
  • rice cakes or crackers with ham, cheese and homemade sundried Tomatoes
  • jatz, tomato and cheese
  • homemade cheese and vegemite scrolls
  • Ham and cheese scrolls
  • zucchini bread
  • “piggies in blankets” cocktail Frankfurt wrapped in pastry with sauce
  • cocktail sausages wrapped in cheese slices or bread
  • pita bread home made pizzas
  • crumpets with butter and honey!
  • bacon and egg mini pies and leave in the fridge to be heated up for the week
  • tuna on saladas
  • good ol’ English muffins with pizza toppings ? – salami, ham, olives, cheese, spinach leaves, tomato paste
  • hard boiled egg
  • noodle omelettes


  • carrot sticks with hummus dip
  • home made cucumber tzatziki with fruit and vegetable sticks for dipping.
  • veggies sticks and beetroot hummus
  • cherry tomatoes from the vine
  • homemade hummus and peanut butter with celery
  • cream cheese inside celery sticks with sultanas on top
  • homemade guacamole and corn chips
  • capsicum with corn relish dip
  • My kids love some smashed avocado dip with corn chips and carrot sticks.
  • Curry dip with vegetable sticks


  • tasting plate of ham, cherry tomatoes, cheese, grapes, sultanas and sakata crackers
  • my boy loves a kids version of a antipasto platter, salami, polony, cheese, crackers and some cut up apple
  • A quick little plate of ham, sliced boiled egg and a bit of fruit!
  • Savoy crackers with Vegemite. Their favourite part is squishing the crackers together to get Vegemite worms.
  • I make a DIY trail mix in big batches and store in the pantry, within easy reach of the kids. I include mini marshmallows, smarties, tiny teddies, dried banana, sultanas, yogurt covered cranberries (or similar), unsalted nuts, mini pretzels, and a cereal type (generally nutrigrain, sultana bran buds, crispix etc). Kids (Mr11 and Mr9) get home from school and grab a plate, run to the pantry and grab a BIG handful of trail mix to have with a Milo or similar. They love it, and it is at the ready whenever they want it. Happy kids, happy Mum ?
  • nachos and home made salsa on cooler days
  • olives, gherkins, cold meats, carrots, cucumber…
  • “Picky Plate.” I use the old Tupperware ‘Serving Centre’ (aka UFO!) & fill it with “brain food” such as sliced fruit, vegetable sticks, cheese cubes or healthy dip, wholegrain crackers or air-popped popcorn plus a treat, like marshmallows or Tiny Teddie
  • pikelets and fruit


Generally kids do enjoy a sweet treat every now an then, here are some sweet after school snack ideas: 


  • Fruit smoothies: Watermelon, frozen mixed berries in equal parts and then some apple black currant juice to thin it out if it needs ( or ice cubes to thicken it up). Mix all in the blender. So refreshing
  • fruit yoghurt smoothie
  • banana smoothie with cinnamon
  • milkshakes
  • frozen fruit and coconut water and they turn out like a slurpee.
  • Mango or banana with dash of vanilla extract, IceCubes & milk all blitzed up
  • Bowl of yoghurt


  • slices of apple spread with peanut butter and some choc chips on top, corn thins with peanut butter
  • frozen grapes in the summer
  • we use a cookie cutter made from shapes, such as stars and diamonds, then we cut out watermelon, rock melon and apples, he loves them!! ? We also mix in seasonal grapes and cherries for variety.
  • home made fruit juice icy poles
  • mezze platter after school….cheese, dip, veggie sticks, ham, salami, olives, crackers etc
  • banana and cacao powder frozen into ice cream moulds
  • chilled fruit kebabs on warmer days!
  • sorbet made from pineapple and frozen watermelon
  • spread a banana with peanut butter, then roll it in crushed nuts and freeze
  • I blend frozen mangoes and raspberries together to make ‘ice cream’.
  • strawberries dipped into warmed up Nutella.
  • vanilla yoghurt with fresh berries and a sprinkle of granola on top, sometimes she sneaks a drizzle of maple syrup on top


  • sandwiches: Nutella, peanut butter (because they can’t have them at school)
  • cup of soup
  • baked beans
  • tinned spaghetti

Store purchased snacks

  • hot cross buns
  • cheese and bacon roll lightly warmed up in the microwave
  • popcorn
  • chocolate cake or carrot cake

Coming up with after school snack ideas for kids can be a fun and creative process. Although it is important to keep kids fueled and satisfied after a long school day, but also to provide nutritious options to aid in their growth and development. There are endless possibilities to satisfy both taste buds and nutritional needs. Don’t be afraid to get creative and involve your kids in the decision-making process. With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can provide your child with a delicious and healthy after school snack they’ll look forward to every day.

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