31 Quick and easy lunch box snack ideas

31 quick and easy school lunchbox ideas to mix things up and to keep you and your kids happy!

Lunch boxes snacks can become a bit repetitive and you can feel like you’re running out of ideas to keep your kids interested. Some kids like bigger meals while other kids snack type, bit sized food to eat. Keep your kids lunch box snacks on rotation with some ideas below. 

Your kids will love these snack ideas!

  1. rice paper rolls
  2. veggie sticks
  3. hummus dip
  4. heating lunch in a thermos
  5. plain popcorn
  6. diced fruit
  7. bean sprouts, carrot, celery, cucumber
  8. edamame – soy bean pods
  9. Pasta salad with chicken and avocado
  10. fried rice
  11. cauliflower rice with chicken
  12. lettuce wraps
  13. safflower mayo
  14. dried fruit
  15. rice crackers
  16. Gluten and dairy-free home made muffins using rice malt syrup
  17. tortilla bread
  18. soy yoghurts, coconut based yoghurts
  19. banana fritters
  20. pumpkin scones
  21. pikelets (made with soy milk and 20ml vinegar to replace the egg)
  22. sunflower butter
  23. pretzels
  24. polenta with veggies
  25. Chia pudding made with coconut milk
  26. rice and bean salad
  27. quinoa
  28. porridge made with water, puree fruit
  29. mini chicken and veggie pies
  30. potato frittata
  31. chia seeds and water mixed together is a good substitute for egg



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