10 Checklists To Prepare For Holidays, Packing and Travelling

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Make your family holiday a happy and stress-free affair with my comprehensive packing and travelling checklists to get you organised and prepared for your trip!

We went on our first major holiday a few years ago and I remember the time leading up to it was stressful because there was so much to do! Pack the bags, ensure we had enough snack food, get somebody to look after the cat and I also like to clean the house before going away so I can return to a clean home (I love getting home from being away and knowing that I don’t need to do anything but chill for a little!). To help you tackle all these pre and post holiday jobs I created the following checklists, all of them designed to take the stress, chaos and guess-work out of your next family holiday.

Holiday checklist to help you pack and prepare for holidays

You know me well enough by now to know I LOVE lists. I’m forgetful, so I’m sure if I left it up to packing a bag from a list in my mind I would easily forgot some of the important things like phone chargers or my watch, or to get somebody to water my plants while I’m away. There are some things that can easily skip your mind.

travel checklists so you can enjoy holiday with your family

This range of checklists will help you:

  • plan your holiday and prep the house while nobody is home,
  • keep a travel itinerary so all information is together and you don’t have to have to rummage through loads of paperwork at the airport,
  • organise and pack your hand luggage,
  • prepare and pack for a holiday,
  • pack for a trip with your baby,
  • plan for a camping trip,
  • prepare for a road trip, including what to stock the car up with and what games the kids can play,
  • a note to leave a friend that is minding your beloved pet

If you are going on a holiday soon, these downloadable travel & packing checklists will help you!

Pre-Travel Checklist

This Pre-Travel Checklist is to ensure that you book everything needed for your trip away. With tasks that include paying bills before you go on holidays, to putting a stop on your mail or organising a neighbour to collect it for extended stays, and remembering to take copies of all your travel documents in case they get lost… plus heaps more!

Pre Travel Checklist for Family holiday

Travel Itinerary

Create a travel itinerary to have all your flight, accommodation and hire details together. Give a copy of this to another family member or neighbour so they know where you are for emergency purposes.

Travel Itinerary document for stress free holiday

Packing Checklist

A packing checklist can be extremely helpful when packing for a vacation with the family. This Packing Checklist helps you not remember all the important things. Having a checklist will also clearly show you what you need to buy to have everything you need for your trip.

Packing checklist printable download for holiday preparation

Travelling with Baby Packing Checklist

We travelled a few times when the kids were young, and I remember the boot was always full! Many times I had the feeling that we’d taken everything but the kitchen sink. It is true that babies need a lot of things, which is why I put together this Travelling with Baby Checklist. I hope this checklist helps you next time you are packing for your holiday.


  • Start preparing to pack at least 3 days before travelling. Tick items from your checklist as you add them to the suitcase.
  • Use a nappy bag with a waterproof lining and a shoulder strap.
  • Prevent toiletries from leaking over your clothes by placing the toiletries into ziplock bags.

Travelling with baby, checklist for packing with a baby

Hand Luggage List

Being in a rush to the airport can lead to some crucial things being left behind! Don’t spoil the start of your holiday ever again with this Hand Luggage List that includes the essentials as well as some items for a ‘packing light’ style vacation.

Packing hand luggage printable list for holiday and trip

Road Trip Checklist

Road Trips generally lead to the best memories. Be organised for fun on the road with our Road Trip Checklist. Our road trip checklist reminds you of the essentials you’ll need, as well as giving you some ideas for extra items that you don’t think you need until you need them. There’s also reminder for what to check on your car before you set off, to what to pack for the kids – this checklist really has everything taken care of!

Road trip checklist printable to prepare for car trip holiday

Aussie Road Trip Games

This is the perfect printable to keep the kids entertained during long car rides. Put away the iPads and instead enjoy some good old-fashioned Australian road trips games on your family car trip.

Road Trip games for the kids on your holiday car trip

Camping Checklist

A camping checklist can be extremely helpful when packing for a camping trip with the family. This Camping Checklist make sure you don’t forget the important things like matches and cutlery!

Camping holiday trip checklist by The Organised Housewife

Pet Sitter Notes

Make sure you don’t forget your little 4 legged family member! Leave a note for the people sitting your fur-baby, just in case something goes wrong.

Pet sitter note printable by The Organised Housewife

Post-Holiday Checklist

Do you wish that you were more organised on past holidays, and didn’t leave your suitcase full of dirty washing for days after you got home? My post-holiday checklist will help you get more prepared so that you have less to do when you get home.

Post holiday checklist for when you get home from your trip

Where are you going for your next family holiday?

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