6 ways to be more organised this year

If life sometimes feels overwhelming, here are 6 ways to help you feel more organised and energised for the year ahead. 

The new year as a chance to start afresh with some new habits to help keep the household calm and organised.

If you’re juggling family, home and work commitments, it can feel like there are so many things to do and remember. Sometimes life gets so busy and it can feel overwhelming! If you’d like to enjoy a bit more calm in your life, here are 6 ways to help you feel more organised for the year ahead.




Clutter makes it harder to clean and organise your home. If you’re busy, try setting aside small pockets of time regularly to declutter and clear out things you no longer need.

I like to do this in small bursts – one week I’ll do the third drawer, another week I might do my bedside table. This is a small time commitment but gives really positive, visible results which will make you feel great.

You can clear bigger areas like this too, for example just clear out one shelf in your pantry or fridge at a time. Not only will you feel fresher and more in control of your home, but donating your unwanted items to charity helps the community as well.

If you like declutter prompts, you may like to sign up to our daily emails where I give you one task a day to clean, declutter or organise something in your home. Sign up here


write it down

School term dates, work commitments, family catch ups, birthdays, appointments…you can’t possibly hold all this information in your head! Although I do use my phone for some reminders, I still find that writing these commitments on a calendar or planner is the best way to put all my reminders in one place that I can see at a glance.

These 2023 planners and calendars allow you to set goals, plan your savings, create healthy daily habits, keep on top of cleaning chores, or simply track your appointments.


meal planning

I know, you’ve heard me say it before! But honestly, meal planning is a time saver, cost saver and stress saver! Feeding a family everyday is harder than it seems. Being organised ahead of time makes mornings smoother, dinnertimes easier and avoids mid-week shopping trips. It’s also the best way to eat a balanced, healthy diet and stick to a grocery budget. If you aren’t currently planning your meals, find out how to plan lunchboxes here and see all my tips on meal planning here


organise your spaces

Although it might take a bit of time to set up, an organised space is the ideal way to make daily tasks that much easier and faster. Some of the organised areas that have the highest positive impact on family life are the pantryfridge and bathroom. If you have school-aged children, setting up a homework space or caddy with everything they need is the best way to support learning at home. Take a little time to set these spaces up for success and you’ll reap the benefits throughout the year.


prioritise and say no

From online courses to new hobbies to creative goals, there are so many opportunities presented to us and it’s tempting to take on too much. Decide what’s important to you this year – is it spending time with family, growing your business or career, taking care of your health or pursuing a creative goal?

Whatever you want to achieve this year, make those things your priority. If you’re prone to feeling overwhelmed, it’s okay to say no to unnecessary demands on your time.


self care

Have you had one of those days where you’re not sick but you just can’t get off the couch? You were probably exhausted! If you listen to your body and rest, you’ll generally bounce back much faster than if you push through. I know this isn’t always possible, but try to make your wellbeing the priority at times like this.

To be your best self, you need to look after yourself. Make time to do things you enjoy and to rest. Every hour on the calendar doesn’t need to be filled. When you’re getting enough downtime and moments of joy, you’ll feel more energised and motivated to do everything else!

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