How to Care for and Propagate Succulents

How to care for and propagate succulents. Succulents are very visually appealing plants, and actually are pretty hardy, easy to care for, and you can easily propagate new ones.  Perfect plants to grow for people who might not be green thumbs in the garden.

I love pottering outside with my succulents, I find it relaxing and I love how low maintenance a plant they are. Succulents are pretty hardy, they thrive on neglect really! Making them a great choice for people who aren’t natural green thumbs – LOL! There are many different varieties, with different shapes, colours and textures, and a collection of different types of succulents is so visually stunning. They are a really on-trend plant for gardens and interiors as well, which means there is quite a wide range of types available to purchase at garden centres and places like Bunnings. I have been growing succulents for quite a few years now, so I have put together some tips on how to care for your succulent plants and how to propagate new ones from your existing plants. It’s easier than you’d think!

how to care for and propagate succulents

Where to plant your succulents

Succulents need lots of light, so make sure that they are planted in a spot where they get lots of bright natural sunlight. You can plant them directly into garden beds with well drained soil and they also flourish in pots. If you plant succulents into pots, make sure the pots have drain holes for excess water. Easily draining soil or potting mix is advised, you can even buy succulent specific potting mix. Succulents in pots are a great way to decorate a patio, verandah or balcony. You can keep succulents indoors in well-lit areas that receive natural light, such as near windows. Rotate your succulents outside now and then so they can get periods of time with full sunlight.

Don’t over water your succulents

Succulents don’t like too much water, after all they are a desert plant. During winter months they probably don’t need to be watered at all. Water once every few weeks during the warmer months. Make sure the soil drys out completely before you water them again. I use this squirt bottle which is found in my succulent care tool kit to water under the leaves rather than over the top, the succies prefer this more.

how often to water succulents

Your succulents only need feeding occasionally

Succulents don’t need fertilising very often. Fertilise once a year at the beginning of spring is sufficient. Make sure that the fertiliser is low in nitrogen

Keep your succulents clean

If you keep succulents indoors the surface of the leaves will end up with dust coating them. Regularly wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to remove the dust. For some of the more delicate plants use an air dust blower to remove any dust and a soft brush is useful to get at the tricky to reach spots on your succulent. This is also a really handy tool to have when planting your succulents to get the soil off the leaves.

succulent care tool kit

Propagate new succulents

Succulents are quite easy to propagate. I have been successfully propagating new little succulents from my existing ones for a while now. It’s always so impressive when you see that a whole new little plant has taken root and is growing.

How to propagate new succulents:

  • Neatly trim off the leaves of the succulent you wish to propagate right next to the stem. Make sure that leaf doesn’t tear. You could also trim off a head of a succulent plant to propagate with this method as well. You can also use leaves that you have accidentally bumped off and see if you can grow from them, if not, no loss, but if you can bonus!!

how to propagate succulents

  • Place the leaves or succulent head in sunlight for a few days so the end dries out and hardens. A ‘callous’ will form on the end of the leaf.
  • Place the leaf flat onto dirt in a small pot in a sunny spot. Spritz the leaves very lightly with water from a spray bottle.
  • Check the soil regularly and spritz again with water when it’s dry. Roots will eventually start to appear on the end of the leaf. This can take weeks or even months depending on the succulent type.
  • A baby succulent plant will form at the end of the leaf. Make sure the roots are well covered by the soil in the pot. You now have successfully propagated a new succulent plant.

Because I love propagating succulents I sourced a great kit with everything you need for watering, weeding, digging, transplanting, pruning, loosening soil and watering small plants like succulents. The miniature tools make it easier to care for the plants, gently getting under the leaves to prune, pull weeds or add pebbles. It also helps to reduce wrist pain and fatigue to make planting easier and quicker.

Succulent tool kit

And below are the pots that I use, LOL, I am addicted, I have quite a few. I then give these to friends to love and enjoy.

how to propagate succulents

Do you own any succulent plants?

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