Moving home tips

Since the life of this blog I have had many many requests asking for moving tips. There is so much more to moving than I can share in one post, so I am sharing the following tips with you over the next month:

  • sorting through your clutter
  • purging the clutter
  • garage sale tips
  • moving tips
  • checklists (because I love checklists) to help you through it all
  • and more

I recently helped my dad move into his new home.  Which began with a big declutter, followed by a few garage sales and then the move.  I’ve also moved houses a few times so I’ll share all my tips.  But first the most important I feel is not taking unwanted clutter to your new home.  Tomorrow I’ll share my ideas on how to sort through your clutter and not take that item that you ‘might use one day’ or the ‘I know I never use it, but it cost me a lot of money’, or ‘it was a gift, I can’t get rid of it’.

What is your top moving tip?



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