How to de clutter when moving

When packing to move house you should only take with you items that you

  • use
  • need
  • love

Be kind to yourself and don’t carry clutter and items from old house to new house that you haven’t used or even seen in years.  Allow your new home to be a fresh start with less clutter and fill with belongs that you enjoy looking at and make you feel good!

Before moving to a new house is a perfect time to sort through your things.  I have heard many times people say I’m packing everything and sorting it when I get to the new house, if you are disciplined enough this may work but more than likely, you won’t have time and life gets in the way of you removing all the extra clutter and before you know it is put away in the garage, top of the wardrobes or in corners of the house, creating clutter…. again.

How to clear the clutter

Be prepared

  1. 3 Box/baskets/tubs
  2. Sorting labels

Label each box as follows:

  • donate
  • sell
  • rubbish

As you are packing put the items that you are going to donate, sell and throw out in the appropriate boxes. Once the donate and rubbish boxes are full place items in a large garbage bag.  Put the donate items aside, marked DONATE and throw the rubbish into the bin.

Next week I will share more about deciding between donating or selling your items.

What is clutter?

Ask yourself some of the following questions when you are looking at an item and confused whether you should keep or purge it:

Do you need it?
Do I love it?
Does it make me happy when I look at it?
Do you use it regularly?
When was the last time you used it?
Does it give you happy and pleasant memories?
Is it in good condition?
Do you have the time to finish the project you started?
Do you have the time to fix it?
Do I have the space to keep it?
Will I really read it again?
Is it still relevant?
Am I legally required to keep it?
Does it fit?

If you answered no to any of the above you need to purge this item.  As this months quote suggests you don’t keep the items that you don’t enjoy looking at and no longer need.  

I created this FREE printable for you to print and have by your side when sorting through your clutter

Parting with sentimental items

2 very common clutter dilemmas:

  • Am I keeping it because I will feel guilty of purging it?
  • It was a gift, I can’t get rid of it!

I hear often that many people are keeping sentimental items in box, gifts they were given over the years, memories from childhood, items received from a lost loved one.  Usually these items are sitting in the top of the wardrobe in a box that is rarely opened.

Purging sentimental items:

  • Look through your box and find items that you are happy to display, that give you fond memories of people and moments in time that you enjoyed.
  • For those items left, pass it onto somebody else that you know will honor this item
  • Is the sentimental item too good to use?  Nothing is too good for you!  Unpack that beautiful dinner set you got at your wedding and use it, as every time you will use it you will be greeted with the beautiful memories from your special day.  What a brilliant way to start the day!
  • If you feel you are only reminded of a memory by looking at the item take a photo of it and create a special album filled with treasured ornaments from the past, include stories about the item with the photo so future generation can read about it

Read more tips here about how to part with sentimental items

my favourite tip found in the link above is to take photo’s of the kids artwork!

What sentimental item are you finding hard to
part with?

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