Goals for 2011- Lose weight, will you join me in my mission?

At the beginning of the year I set myself Goals for 2011, so far I am sticking to them.  Did you make a list too?  As we are halfway through the year I thought we should take a moment, look at the lists we created to ensure we are still on track.

As I was writing this post I posted on facebook, ‘I am starting a new weightloss journey and tomorrows post I am putting a full photo of me up, no more hiding…..I am slightly ‘scared’?? :|’.

I received so many comments in less than 10 min.  My readers are absolutely wonderful and encouraging, but amongst your lovely messages I could see some reaching out that they too need to loose weight.  So I am changing what this post was originally about…all of my goals for 2011, to today just concentrating on no.1.  Losing weight.

This is so important to me but very hard.  Not only do I want to look nice, I want to feel comfortable when wearing clothes, no muffin top over the top of jeans, no jeans that are super baggy around my legs just because they are the only ones that fit my waist.  I want to buy from a ‘typical’ clothing shop.  I don’t enjoy shopping in the big girl shops, I don’t like their clothes (except I do really like City Chic, they have funky clothes).  Mostly I want to lose weight for my health, I want to be around to enjoy my kids and grandkids weddings, I want to be fit, run and ride with the kids without being exhausted after 5 min.

1. Lose Weight

I started the year by joining up with Jenny Craig.  I enjoyed it in the beginning, but only lost 5kg in 2 months, I was dissappointed.  After I stopped I fell off the wagon, and regained my 5kg.

Thankfully, a new gym has opened up at my local shops and I am having a wonderful time visiting regularly.  I have a personal trainer, Kate, who has been such an awesome motivation for me.  I have been seeing Kate for 4 weeks, 2 days a week.  To my dissappointment I have not lost any weight during this time, but really happy as I have lost 1 size in my pants, they keep falling down!!!

I have a problem not eating enough fruit and skipping lunch, I am writing my food diary, which puts everything into perspective.  As my trainer Kate says, 20% exercise, 80% diet, my diet is terrible.  The wonderful team at Dietlicious could see I was having trouble and have offered a helping hand.  I am super excited from tomorrow to be starting a new weightloss journey with Dietlicious, Kate and YOU!!

About Dietlicious

Over the past 20 years portion sizes have been steadily increasing to the point they are almost ridiculous. Our eyes and bellies have lost the ability to know what is ‘normal’.  We need to start eating the correct sized portions so we can return to a healthy weight. Dietlicious provides ‘normal’ size meals full of taste and flavour. This is your chance to re-train your brain to know what is a healthy amount of food to eat.  They offer nutritionally sound meals based on high protein, low fat, low carb, high fibre principles.  The meals sound so yummy, chicken stroganoff with mushroom and white wine, veal and pancetta casserole with butter beans and roast pumpkin and greek meatballs with mint, oregano, lemon and penne.

More details visit their website:  Dietlicious

All I need to provide is breakfast, snacks, fresh fruit and veg.

I CAN do it, I AM determined, you can to ….just,

My first goal:

I am attending the Nuffnang Blogopolis Conference on 30th July, my goal is to lose at least 5kg by the conference.

Today I am going to share with you my before photo. So scared to be showing it as I don’t think I have published a full body photo of myself, but I want to put it out there I want to make sure I work hard to achieve my now public goal.

My personal trainer, Kate and I


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