6 months, 33kg less and feeling like a new me… well, sort of

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Week by week I am feeling different, so much healthier, I am enjoying the exercise and as silly as it sounds I can now comfortably paint my toe nails!!   To date I have lost 33kg, you can read my past stories my decision to choose weight loss surgery and living with weight loss surgery.

The last 5kg has taken 2 months to lose, it has been slow, but I am OK with that, I feel it’s better for me.  I did not do the surgery for a quick fix or with the expectation of fast results.   I have developed a regular exercise routine and am eating very healthy. Thankfully the bald patches in my hair are growing back, but as a result my hair is now very very thin, I will keep it short until it becomes healthy again.

However, over the past 2 months I have had my moments of feeling quite low, despite the lovely compliments that I have received and feeling healthier, I still felt like I was my original size, I felt frumpy and couldn’t see the physical difference in myself.  Eventually I worked it out, I was still wearing my size 22 tops (I’m now an 18-16), the tops still fitted across my shoulders so I wore them, telling myself I was saving money not buying new clothes.  No wonder I wasn’t feeling different, wearing these oversized baggy tops had to stop.

I shared this photo (no make up, a-la-natural for me at the gym) on social media, very proudly sharing my 30 kilos loss milestone.  I received a lovely message from a lady that has been following my page and journey saying that she had some clients that would love to celebrate with me and offer me some clothes for a wardrobe along with a style session on how to dress with my new body, a pair of shoes to match and a day at a spa.  How could I say no, it sounded like heaven, exactly what I needed to lift my spirits.


With the style session and a few new clothes in mind I decided I had to make the bold decision and get rid of all my ‘too big clothes’.  So I donated some to our local animal welfare league donation shop and I have a heap sitting here to donate to a Assist A Sista Australia, helping a sista in need. No more frumpy!

Styling Session at Sorbet

I HATE SHOPPING!  Not sure why, if it’s because I have been big for so long and it was hard to find something to fit, but I find it quite depressing.  I do have a dear friend of mine that takes me shopping and grabs things off the rack for me to try on, normally items that I wouldn’t pick out myself and I have come home with some great outfits. But shopping alone it’s just not me.  So to have this style session was great.  Tracey the Sorbet Stylist sat me down and explained how I should create a foundation wardrobe.  Starting with a few basics, legging/pant and a singlet top, because I still have a low tummy (from the pregnancy with my twins, still working on losing that) I needed a long singlet top so if I was wearing a shorter top on top I was still covering my tummy (genius, such a simple idea but I had never thought of it I stayed clear of shorter style tops).

Next we discussed colours and I told her how my wardrobe had always consisted of black and I wanted to throw in a bit of colour.  Wow, we certainly did that, I am absolutely in LOVE with the chevron top shown at the end of this post (and it’s currently on sale, $30!!).

I loved the clothes Sorbet had, was a wide variety of styles and colour.  There was an older lady in the change room opposite me and were were trying on the same clothes, they have styles for all ages!!

I think I enjoyed this style session too much, Tracey just left me in the change room and brought the clothes to me to try on, now this is how I like to shop, somebody telling me what to put on!!  I may just expect this now at every shop I go to….. LOL.

Sorbet Styling Session 1

I love the green, I have green eyes so it’s one of my preferred colours and the pants are super comfy

Sorbet Styling Session 3

This outfit below is a great example of a foundation wardrobe.  One dress 2 different styles, wearing a base of white pants, white slip and white handbag cardigan, was a lovely soft tone for day wear

Sorbet Styling Session 4

But then changing all the base elements to black then gave this same dress a beautiful evening look.  Gorgeous white bracelet from feathered.


visit sorbet

NO 50 Homepage


A girl always needs new shoes with a new outfit.  Tracey Mathers Shoes has a great variety of shoes for all feet widths, colours and styles, sandals, wedges, flats and more. I normally like a simple sandal or a thong (flip flops) I was talked into trying something a little different, still from the sandal family but a bit more going on at the back of the shoe.

Tracey Mathers 1

Tracey Mathers 2

visit tracey mathers here

Day Spa Session

Now this was the Icing on the Cake.  Coincidentally this Day Spa was organised for the last day of school.  I couldn’t think of a better day than a 4 hour pampering session before having the kids home for 6 weeks!!  I love having my kids home, I have been looking forward to it for weeks, but while the kids are home it’s usually action packed with running them around, cooking for them, cleaning up and it can become quite straining.  We mums need to look after ourselves and every now and then spoil ourselves as it’s rightly deserved.  I know I am always a better mum for it…  to get out child free and have some me time. I remember when the kids were younger I was desperately craving some alone time, the kids were driving me batty, but then after a few hours out I was really looking forward to getting back home and spending time with them.  See…. some time-out sometimes is all you need to relax.

Aesthetica Hair and Beauty was so beautiful and a relaxed atmosphere, the perfect place to indulge and tune out for a few hours. Their services range from massage, facials, beauty treatments, manicures, pedicures, makeup sessions, hair and so much more.  I love the vast range they have to offer, you can spoil yourself with a haircut and a massage in the one visit!!

I was greeted by friendly smiles and offers of beverages… then the session started.  I started the day with a massage, followed by a facial (I can’t remember the last time I had a facial).  My skin felt so soft and smooth afterwards.

Aesthetica Hair and Beauty 1

They treated me to a delicious cup of coffee

Aesthetica Hair and Beauty 2

A lesson in makeup, I don’t wear a lot of make up so I learnt quite a bit, particularly what colour tones are best for me.  I loved how my eyes popped.

Aesthetica Hair and Beauty 3

Lastly we ended the day with a lush treatment in my hair, a glorious head massage, cut and style.  I was considering getting them to cut me in a fringe and the lovely Ally was so honest with me that my hair was just too thin and it wouldn’t look too good, phew so glad she told me that before!  She was right, as you can see in the pic below, my hair is still so thin on the sides.

Aesthetica Hair and Beauty 4

And the end result…. one very happy and relax mumma!!!

Aesthetica Hair and Beauty 5

Aesthetica Hair and Beauty 6

Aesthetica Hair and Beauty 7

visit aesthetica here

I am so grateful to each of the companies above, the new clothes has lifted my spirits and the pamper day was truly needed a I have been quite stressed lately and needed a few hours to tune out… thank you.

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