A Positive Life Journey

I shared one of my Monday Mindset Affirmations on my personal facebook profile recently, saying how much I’ve come to love positive affirmations as my mindset has completely changed for 2018 and wanting to push out any negative thoughts (mine at the moment is conquering my fears of public speaking) and embracing the positive!  A friend of mine reached out saying he was on a similar journey… he shared this story with me which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and I asked if he didn’t mind me sharing it with my community as I know so many also struggle with positive thoughts and I know it will also help others too.

Over to my friend….

I have been asked many times recently about what I have done these last few years to completely change how I feel about life, and how it has transformed me into a better person mentally, emotionally and physically. So as 2017 came to an end, I thought I would share what I believe are three key points that anyone can follow that have helped me, after all we only have one chance at life and when you strip it back to basics it’s pretty bloody good!

1. Be Selfish!

Yes sounds bizarre I know and I will address this again at item three, however any journey of self-change firstly needs to be about you and you only, and secondly your immediate family as they will always be there for you no matter what, to enjoy the good times and help you get through the dark ones. So when I say ‘Be Selfish’ what I am saying is invest all your time and energy into you and those closest to you. Do things that make you happy and reinvigorate yourself with new challenges or experiences, or even stepping back to enjoy past pleasures that you have not been able to do due to investing time incorrectly elsewhere, be it study, fitness, travel or just taking time out to read a book……….it doesn’t matter what, but put yourself first in everything and do things that make you feel good again. By doing so that will rub off on your immediate family and these things will combine to make home life fantastic. With everyone feeling good and when you have a positive vibe at home within both yourself and those you love then anything is possible, materialistic things mean nothing and you realise everything you ever need is right with you. Happy Home, Happy Life!

2. Always have something to look forward to!

I no longer allow my calendar to not have at least one thing (and these days it is filled with many things as you start living and enjoying life again) to look forward to and be excited about, be it a date night, music concert, night at the theatre, sports event or physical challenge (I may regret that one when I reach the top of the 1331 Q1 stairs!!). What this does is add another layer to help you get through the dark days. Especially when you may be away from that home support network, as you can train your mind to switch from the negative at the time towards the next item on the calendar that you know will bring you a positive experience. Think about it, it can change “I have had it up to here with work today” into “If I can just get through to next week I will be at the Foo Fighters having a fantastic time!” – Our mind is a powerful tool when we can work out how to redirect negative energy into positive energy!

3. Only deal with positive people!

Positivity breeds positivity and when you are in a good mindset with some help from the above, then do your best to stick with people who are in the same mindset also. Not only will you be a better person to be around, and one that people want to be around, you will find it hard to not draw from the positive energy of the great people around you. I will note that this point has meant I no longer deal with some people in my life that I did previously, both friends and family and that has come with some sadness. However, being set on making this journey a positive one unfortunately that has been something that has had to happen.  I do note that for every person no longer in my life currently due to differing mindsets on life, at least two new ones have entered that have made me feel absolutely blessed with those a part of my positive life journey right now. Oh, and about that ‘Be Selfish’ at point one, once you are in both a positive mindset and around positive people, do everything you can to build up all those around you with encouragement and support so they too can enjoy life as much as you are and be a part of your positive support network!

So that’s my short list. I can only hope that you too can get to a stage in life where you are completely content with the things that matter and have amazing people around you on your journey to support you as I am lucky to have. And to those people, my family and friends, I am indebted to you for life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. xoxo

Live. Love. Laugh. Make 2018 your year!

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