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Unlock Kat’s Cleaning Closet: 5 days to a clean & clutter-free HomeEven If You Have No Time, No Money and {Almost} No Patience!– Starts this Monday –

Do you hate waking up in the morning simply because you know you’ll face yet another day with a sink full of food-crusted dishes, Lego-sprinkled floors and a couch full of unfolded clean clothes?


Do you have a panic attack at the thought of having guests over?


Do you find yourself going on manic cleaning sprees only to lose energy {and hope!} in the middle of it all?

You aren’t alone and honestly… your messy home isn’t your fault!

* cue sigh of relief!*

The truth is we haven’t been taught the quick tips and easy ways to keep a clean house in the midst of changing nappies, middle-of-the-night feedings, cooking dinners, running chores, homework and after-school activities and basically, trying to keep it all together.

Join me {and over 7,000 other mums!} for a FREE 5-Day Cleaning Challenge where I’ll unlock my cleaning closet

  • …. and share my proven-to-work secrets for creating a cleaning kit and routine to spruce up your home with zero stress.
  • You’ll discover:
  • checkThe 2 must-have cleaning ingredients you can source from your pantry right now!  {Day 2}
  • checkMy ridiculously inexpensive hack for cleaning {and disinfecting!} the floor. {Day 3}
  • checkThe seriously simple {and powerful!} secrets for a morning routine that doesn’t make you scream your head off. {Day 4}.
  • checkPrintables, checklists… and MORE!

You’ll discover:

PLUS, you’ll enjoy the support AND encouragement of your exclusive Learn Kat’s Secrets Facebook community so you never feel alone, overwhelmed or left behind!

Yes, Kat! I Want a Clean Home Now!

Hi! I’m Kat.

While today, I’m best known as The Organised Housewife, it wasn’t always so. A few years ago… I was a nervous wreck.  After having my twins, I struggled to find and stick to a routine. My house was a mess and the washing was never folded.  Yes, I’ve actually been where you are right now. I asked the mother’s group I was in for advice but sadly, they were struggling too! See I told you, you’re not alone!It took a fair amount of trial-and-error for me to realise that routines and schedules held the key to keep the home tidy, clothes washed, kids fed and happy and have a clean kitchen at the end of the day.It may not seem like rocket science but when you’re a young mum, trying to juggle babies, dishes, laundry, cooking, chores and errands, it can drive you stir crazy and leave you feeling like a tragic failure. It was only after several friends confided in me about their struggles, that I put together this free challenge and shared the exact steps I took to create a home that’s warm and welcoming without spending every free minute scrubbing the floor or picking up toys!

If, like me and thousands of others, you want a clean home but are daunted by the work that seems to go into it…

I invite you to join me for 5 short days and give your home {and life!} the makeover they deserve!

Yes, Kat! I Want a Clean Home Now!


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