XMAS TIP 19: How To Clean Your Home For Christmas Guests

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Reset and clean your home for Christmas so it’s ready for the festivities and your guests. Tips on tackling the areas used the most when you have visitors and get your kitchen ready for Christmas meal preparations.

I try to plan to do big reset and clean of my house in the week leading up to Christmas. It’s easy to fall behind on standard cleaning tasks during the busyness of December, so a reset means your home is ready to welcome any guests over the holiday season. Also if there’s nothing to do cleaning wise, I can focus on my other tasks and when I get the chance, sit down, relax and enjoy my sparkling clean home. During the Christmas holidays certain spaces are used more; such as your kitchen for food preparation and your bathroom when you have guests. Refreshing and cleaning certain things in your home such as the walls, carpets, windows and bathrooms will have a big impact on its appearance.

How to freshen up your bathroom

Bathrooms can quickly get messy and a little drab. When you have visitors during the holiday season, the bathroom is an area that we particularly want to be fresh, welcoming and functional for our guests. I have five easy suggestions for you on how to easily refresh your bathrooms.

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How to freshen up and clean carpets

Deodorise your carpet and remove unpleasant odours easily with this simple, quick, and non-toxic homemade carpet cleaning solution. Often you don’t realise how much your carpets needed freshening up until it’s done!

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clean carpets with no chemicals using bicarb soda

How to clean windows

A simple guide to cleaning windows, blinds, and window sills in your home using budget-friendly and natural homemade cleaners. Clean windows really lift the appearance of a space and allow more light in. You could try and squeeze in this task while doing things like talking on the phone.

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Chemical free cleaning spray

How to clean walls

You probably won’t have time to wash walls before Christmas, but you could spot clean any obvious marks in high traffic areas of your home. I have some tips for you on how to easily spot clean your walls, remove stubborn stains, grease marks and sticky residue.

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How to clean skirting boards

If you’ve given your walls a clean, then you should really also quickly clean your skirting boards to finish the job. I like to use the brush attachment on my stick vacuum to get the job done quickly and avoid bending down.

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how to clean skirting boards

How to clean the fridge

My fridge is always groaning with food in the week of Christmas, not only do we need to fit in our normal week’s groceries but also all the extra special goodies for Christmas Day. Clean out and clean up your fridge before your Christmas grocery shop so your fridge is fresh and you can optimise the space needed.

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Keeping your fridge clean will keep your food fresh, follow my checklist on how to clean the fridge.

How to clean your dishwasher

Your dishwasher is bound to get a work out over the next few weeks. If there is a build of grime in the dishwasher it won’t be cleaning the dishes to its full capacity. Give it a good clean so it is functioning properly and ready for all those Christmas day dishes.

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A dishwasher needs to be looked after and maintained well for it to function properly and provide you with the best dish cleaning service. Here's how I clean our dishwasher and keep it like new.

How to clean your oven

Before you fire up the oven to cook those special Christmas dishes, it’s a good idea to clean your oven so there is no grease or other cooking residues that could add a smell to your meals. I prefer to not use harsh commercial oven cleaners which are always so potent, so I use a non-toxic method with my oven.

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non-toxic oven cleaning

9 Cleaning Shortcuts to save you Time

Now that you’ve tackled all these cleaning tasks on your to-do list, you need to maintain your spaces so all your hard-work isn’t undone. I have nine cleaning shortcuts to save you time and energy, whilst keeping your home organised, clean and clutter-free.

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9 cleaning shortcuts

What is a problem area in your home right now?

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