Organising and storing Christmas Decorations

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

My birthday is shortly after Christmas and my hubby is very sweet and usually puts the Christmas tree down the day before my birthday.  Soon Christmas will be over and time to pack away your Christmas decorations, but before you do I wanted to show you how I have organised our decorations.

Each year I decorate the tree differently, I went through a stage a few years ago I liked the pink, blue and silver theme on the tree, however this year I wanted the traditional red and green.  So as you can imagine I have quite a collection of ornaments.  I like to organise the ornaments by colour to make it easier to decorate the tree and not having to rummage through and damage them.

I have purchased a few glass ornaments this holiday season, I will wrap them in tissue paper before storing them to ensure they don’t break.

{The Organised Housewife} Christmas Decoration Storage

I’m using this 35L compartment storage container. Each box has 6 compartments with removable dividers so you can create bigger spaces as I have below for our Christmas linens and plates.

We have a lot of tinsel, we decorate inside and out of the house with tinsel, but have been very tame this year with how much we have put on the tree.  I roll the tinsel around my hand and place into the storage box.


I like to store all the Christmas DVDs, CDs, hair ties, colouring and activity books away through the year, clutter-free approach only have it out when needed.  In this box I also store candles, Santa hats, reindeer ears and stockings.

I used a big 52L Storage Tub to store all the bulky Christmas decorations.  I use shopping bags to wrap around the products to protect them.  While these Christmas ornaments are on display I place our usual ornaments in this box.  Eg, I put a Santa where a gorgeous vase and ornament sit, I put the vase and ornament away in the tub so it still looks tidy and clutter-free.

All these storage tubs have lids so they can be stacked on top of each other.  I keep ours in the top of our walk in robe, but we are hoping to put up some shelves in the garage soon to create some extra space in our wardrobe.

Also use these storage boxes to sort Lego, brilliant idea as they are on wheels they can easily slide underneath the bed and be brought out when the kids want to play with them.

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