{Christmas Planning} Organise a little Christmas to do box

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

A few of readers spied my Christmas box on my hutch in the photo of our big tinsel candy cane asking what is in it.

I purchased the tin box from Target a few months ago.  I have put this box in a central location of the house for when I have a spare minute (hmm, rarity these day’s) I can write some Christmas cards or tags and complete items on my Christmas to do list.

In the box I have:

  1. Christmas Cards
  2. Christmas cards for the kids to give their friends
  3. An assortment of Christmas tags
  4. Baubles I plan on blinging up (will show you soon)
  5. Christmas marshmallow sticks, which I have plans for too
  6. Raffia ribbon, which is my preferred gift decoration



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