Over 100 DIY Christmas Craft Ideas For All Ages

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

With Christmas just around the corner and with so many kids already on school holidays, now is the perfect time to start thinking about some awesome Christmas craft projects that you can all get into. You all know that I just love Christmas time, so I couldn’t help myself and did lots of detective work again to find some beautiful Christmas displays to create, Christmas stockings to sew, Christmas tree ornaments and decorations to put together, handmade Christmas cards to make, lots of kids crafts you can do with your children and loads more. This post is chockablock full of fun activities, in fact, you will find over 100 Christmas craft projects in this post. Some are from me, and the rest are from talented artists from around the world who have shared their Christmas crafts on their own blogs. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I’ve enjoyed hunting all these down for you.


DIY Christmas Wreath

I found this beautiful Christmas Wreath that you can make from pretty standard materials that you can get from any craft store. If you’re in Australia, Spotlight should have all these bits and pieces for you to create your own precious wreath that you can hang on your front door year after year. Click here to make your own Christmas Wreath.

 photo credit Lil Luna

Create a Display Christmas Tree from Plastic Spoons

I thought this was such a clever idea. Who would have thought that you can make such pretty Christmas trees from plastic spoons? And look how gorgeous the Christmas display looks once finished. Give this one a go ladies. Click here to make your own Christmas Trees from Spoons.

photo credit One Project Closer

DIY Christmas Lantern

This beautiful lantern idea is from my 2014 post where Carissa G shared this great Christmas idea with us in a guest post. Again many of the materials are sold at Spotlight and it’s a project that you can finish off in one afternoon. How lovely will this be as a centrepiece on Christmas day!! Click here to make your own DIY Christmas Lantern.

Make some Christmas Gnomes

These little Christmas gnomes just melted my heart when I saw them. They don’t look too difficult to make and would look beautiful in any Christmas display. It never ceases to amaze me how many talented creators there are out there who share such beautiful projects. Click here to make your own Christmas Gnomes.

photo credit Made In A Day

Create your own Felt Christmas Stockings

These homemade Christmas stockings are so good and quite simple to make. They are sewn with a sewing machine and the artist uses different colour felt material to create the pretty Christmas decorations on them. Definitely a great mummy project for the sewing enthusiast. Click here to make your own Hanging Christmas Stockings.

photo credit Homemade Ginger


Paddle Pop Stick Christmas Trees

Paddle pop sticks always come in handy when it comes to kids crafts, especially at Christmas time. Here are some Christmas trees the kids can make using the sticks, paint and some other little bits and pieces. Click here to make your own Paddle Pop Stick Christmas Ornaments with your kids.

photo credit One Little Project

DIY Unicorn Ornament

This is such a sweet ornament to make with your little girl. Who doesn’t love unicorns and having an ornament on the tree that will always make you smile!! Click here to make your own Unicorn Ornament with your kids.

photo credit  The Best Ideas For Kids 

Paddle Pop Stick Snowmen

These are so cute and your little munchkins will love to make these with you for the Christmas tree or even for their own Christmas winter scene. Click here to make your own Paddle Pop Stick snowmen with your kids.

photo credit The Resourceful Mama

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Cards

These Christmas cards are a lovely way for your kids to add their own personal touch to their cards to grandma and grandpa, teacher, best friend or anyone who is special to them, not to mention the fact that they will love finger painting them. Click here to make your own Fingerprint Christmas Tree Cards with your kids.

photo credit Easy Peasy and Fun

Christmas Paper Crafts for Kids

Remember these from when you were a child? I used to love cutting stars out of paper. They also make such lovely Christmas hangings that look great over the Festive Season. Click here to make 3 different Christmas Paper Crafts.

Crafts for Mum’s who don’t like Crafting

Here’s something easy for mum’s who don’t like to craft much, but still want to get into the Christmas spirit with their kids and make some easy Christmas decorations. Click here to make 3 different Easy Christmas Crafts.

Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

What a fabulous activity you can do with your kiddies for Christmas. These ornaments will be beautiful on your Christmas tree and your kids will be so proud of their efforts. Even the little toddlers can get involved with this one. Click here to make your own Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments with your kids.

photo credit The Best Ideas For Kids

10 Christmas Kids Craft Ideas

Click here for 10 Christmas Kids Craft Ideas. Crafts included are:
Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornament
Pom Pom Ornament
Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree
Snow Slime
Christmas Star Bead Ornament
Craft Stick Creatures
Paddle Pop Stick Christmas Puzzles
Santa Paper Plate
Christmas Treat Jars
Paper Straw Christmas Trees


Make your own Christmas Tree Ornaments

Some beautiful Christmas tree hanging ornaments to make at home. Not only are they easy to make, they just look so good hanging on a Christmas tree or even as lanterns around the home over the Festive Season. Click here to make your own Christmas Tree Ornaments.

photo credit Mark Montano

Create an Owl Ornament

Whether you’re a child or an adult, you can all get in on making some of these cute owl Christmas tree ornaments. All you need to do is visit a craft store to pick up some simple materials. Click here to make your own Owl Ornament

photo credit Woman’s Day

Edible Peppermint Candy Ornaments for your Tree

This one will be a hit with the kids young and old. Edible Peppermint Candy Ornaments made from melting and resetting candy in Christmas moulds. Click here to make your own Edible Peppermint Candy Ornaments.

photo credit One Little Project

Classic Style Paper Heart Ornaments 

These beautiful Paper Heart Ornaments were shared by Jo from Country Life Experiment in a guest post a few years back.  They really are so beautiful so I just had to share it with you again in case you missed it. Click here to make your own Paper Heart Ornaments.

photo credit Country Life Experiment


19 Christmas Craft Ideas

Click here for 19 Christmas Craft Ideas. Crafts included are:

  • Christmas Fingerprint Paintings
  • Frozen’s Olaf sock snowman tutorial
  • Make your own Christmas Snow Globe
  • Christmas Pom Pom Ornament
  • Beaded Christmas Angel tutorial
  • Santa binoculars
  • Christmas Ornament Wreath
  • Icicle Ornaments with Beads
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Christmas Ornament
  • Mini Christmas Tree
  • Paper Doily Christmas Trees
  • Reindeer Chuppa Chups
  • Chocolate Gift Jats
  • Woollen Christmas Star
  • Christmas Hand Painting Designs
  • How to tie a perfect small ribbon
  • Melted Crayon Ornaments
  • Pipe cleaner Christmas trees
  • Candy Cane Reindeer

15 Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

Here are some Christmas Advent projects for you to be inspired by. To make your own advent calendars, click here for 15 Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas.

photo credit Few Things From My Life

18+ Christmas Card Display Ideas

For some Christmas card display projects, click here to choose out of 19 Christmas Card Display Ideas.

photo credit hgtv.com

20 Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

For 20 Handmade Christmas Card Ideas Click here.

photo credit Ideas Stand


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