Kids Christmas Craft – Ornament

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

I was shopping recently and saw some really cute christmas decorations, sadly they cost a pretty penny.  I put on my creative hat and my little girls created their own version, I think I love these more!!  These are a great gift to give grandparents, extended family or keep for your own tree.

Below is the ornament I was inspired by


  • cardstock
  • decorative scissors
  • cotton balls
  • glitter
  • craft glue
  • hot glue gun
  • spray glue
  • small ornament
  • plastic cup
  • bead wire
  • beads

I found these little santa ornaments at Spotlight

Cut circles approximately 1cm larger than plastic cup

Separate some cotton wool and glue to centre of cardboard, leaving approx 1.5cm space between wool and edge of cardboard

Glue ornament to the cardboard base

Spray glue onto cotton and sprinkle with glitter

Wrap a silver pipe cleaner around the base of the plastic cup, weaving the ends around each other

Add beads to beading wire, create a loop at the top to hang on tree.  Secure the last bead by wrapping the wire over bead and looping around the wire between the last and 2nd last bead.

working quickly with the hot glue gun, run a stream of glue around edge of cotton wool then place on plastic cup

Add a dob of glue to the top of the cup and hold bead in place until glue is set

A fun christmas craft for the kids!

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