Teacher gift ideas

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

As the end of the year approaches, you might be thinking about gifts for your child’s school teacher, sports coach or dance teacher. Here are some ideas!

My kids always loved giving their teachers gifts when they were in primary school, but sometimes it was tricky to think of something they’d actually like! No teacher needs 25 mugs or hand creams, so here are some other ideas that will make them feel really appreciated.

desktop calendar

Our pretty desktop calendar gives your child’s teacher an at-a-glance date reference they can keep on their desk. 

The 2023 Desktop Calendar stands up by itself and includes lots of uplifting and motivating quotes so they can feel appreciated all year round.

a class gift

While this does take a bit of organising, giving a class gift is a great way to honour your teacher with one larger gift. If there is a class rep, this person can invite parents to contribute and organise the kids to sign a collective card. Popular choices are shopping centre gift vouchers, day spa vouchers, flowers or something that is special to your teacher.


potted plant

A potted plant makes a lovely gift! You can get little ones at Bunnings, a florist or nursery. 

Your child might like to hand paint a pot and write a phrase of gratitude such as ‘Thank you for helping me grow’, or wrap the pot with a little message attached.

Kat’s tip: Express your appreciation for your child’s education with a handwritten note or card from both you and your child. Teachers always appreciate this!

gift cards

These thank you gift cards are really lovely for a teacher. You can also create personalised gift cards – it could be fun to upload the class photo on it!

Another favourite of teachers is movie gift cards so they can enjoy a trip to the cinema in the holidays.

weekly planner

Gift your child’s teacher a weekly planner to help with organisation in the new year. These are always popular teacher gifts, especially as they are designed with the Australian school year dates included.

beauty & spa voucher

At the end of a long year, your child’s teacher would likely enjoy (and need!) a massage or day spa experience. You can buy vouchers for these online.


Bake your own special cookie tribute to your teacher or order some readymade ones that come beautifully boxed. 

chocolate bouquet

Instead of buying flowers on the last morning of school, have an edible flower bouquet delivered to your home so your child can bring into school for their teacher.

Bright and colourful, they look gorgeous and might even last longer than fresh flowers (but probably not!)

personalised coffee cup

Let your teacher remember you with a personalised insulated coffee cup. Simply order the cup and a label to go on it. You could also add a coffee gift card from a local cafe to go with it.

insulated lunch bag

Teachers are often bringing their lunch to school everyday too! 

There are some beautiful insulated lunch bags available that will make a great gift for your child’s teacher. 

jar of lollies or cookies

Kids can make a variety of different gifts using a mason jar! Find 16 homemade Christmas gift ideas here.

for the dance teacher

Dance teachers work so hard to share their passion with young dancers…this keyring is a fun end of year gift to recognise their work with your dancer.

for the sports teacher

Sports teachers and coaches can be appreciated with any of the above gifts or something more specific like these fun personalised whistles.

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