{Inspiration} Teacher Appreciation Gifts

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

I buy the kids teachers gifts at the end of the year.  This is a simple thankyou for the time and efforts they put into helping our children, learn and grow.  I am very thankful, over the past few years my children have had some of the most delightful teachers who have spent extra time with the kids in helping them understand areas of difficulty and the tolerance of moments they give me as parent knocking on their door at 3.05pm some afternoons with questions and queries.

I understand teachers put a lot of extra time out of hours preparing their lesson plans and other activities.  Below are some teacher appreciation gift ideas you might like to consider this year. 

Teacher Appreciation

A FREE Printable card 


Pencils in frame with teachers initial – mybabyfaves.blogspot.com

Framed crayons are effective too – chiccheapnursery.com

Voucher card for a Latte – Skiptomylou.org

 A clever pencil holder – eighteen25.blogspot.com 

 Thank you for helping me grow, potted plant – tipjunkie.com

Box filled with chocolate and the necessities like paperclips and cork board pins – eighteen25. blogspot.com

Cookie jar – tancamjenksfam.blogspot.com 

What do you give as teacher appreciation gifts? 

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