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by Katrina - The Organised Housewife


It’s now one week here in Queensland until the kids return to school.  In our household today is the day we start to return to our regular routine, no more sleeping in till late and we make sure the kids go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Routine has played a very big part in my life as a mother since the day my twins were born.  They had their bottle every 4 hours, they woke at the same time everyday, bath and sleep times were always set.  I created a routine that worked well for our family dynamics, so bathtime was before I started cooking dinner and I tidied up toys as I put the kids to bed. Some may say this is a little too ‘groundhog dayish’ but this is what helped my sanity while having two newborn babies. From this routine, I just adjusted it as the kids got older and we had another baby.

While they were toddlers, this morning routine really helped the kids, because they all knew what was expected. Thankfully today at the age of 10 and 8, they know that all the clothes need to be picked up off the floor, their beds need to be made and all their jobs need to be completed before school.

See our Routine Charts below, available as an instant download in my shop.


Creating a Back to School Routine
Before School Starts

  1. Wake around the same time as you would on a typical school morning.
  2. Get the kids to brush their teeth, tidy their rooms and make their beds after breakfast.
  3. During the day we usually try to get the kids to read a bit more, practice their writing and play some fun maths. games.  Even eating their lunch from their lunch boxes is a great way to ensure they know how to open their lunch boxes and what food is best eaten first.
  4. Set your school bedtime and get the kids to start going to bed at this time, as this will help them adjust for when school starts.


Printable Routine Charts

As I mentioned above, I get the kids to do particular tasks before and after school.  Rather than nagging them everyday I created a chart to help prompt them what is required of them each morning, afternoon and evening.

Morning Routine

Having the charts took away the constant question of ‘have you brushed your teeth’, ‘have you made your bed’.  The way I created my charts was that I wanted them to complete each task in a specific order, for example, to brush their teeth before they got dressed, because if it was done the other way round they would more than likely be attending school with toothpaste on their uniform.  I have used these charts for my kids since kindy. The eldest two are in grade 10 now and use the charts occasionally as prompts!  View morning routine charts here.

{The Organised Housewife} Morning Routine Chart - Pink

I changed the charts once the kids got a little older, prompting them to complete their ‘responsibility tasks’ (chores) and open the blinds and windows in their bedroom to let in the fresh air.

{The Organised Housewife} Morning Routine Chart - Blue - Version 2

After School Routine

The after school routine chart helps the kids remember to unpack their school bag (lunch boxes on the kitchen bench, not left to smell in the school bag!!) and helps them to get through their homework. View all afternoon routine charts here.

{The Organised Housewife} After School Routine Chart - Green - Version 1

Evening Routine

Again I created this routine to stop the nagging of have you cleaned your room, is your school bag packed for tomorrow (homework, library books, sport uniform etc).  As the kids are following the routine chart for the evening, I am usually tidying up in the kitchen or folding the washing. Having this chart has helped the kids realise what I expect of them, and it’s a great help for them to keep their toys and bed tidy and to wipe up their toothpaste splatter after they have brushed their teeth.  View all evening routine charts here.

{The Organised Housewife} Evening Routine Chart - Purple - Version 1

Personalised Routine Charts are available, click here to read more detailsvisit shop to purchase


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