Kat’s Best Back to School Tips that will calm the chaos

Back to school tips for a calm and organised start to the school year. Avoid school morning stress with a little planning and structure to your school mornings, you’ll find that there is less arguments, less repeating yourself and you’ll be out the door in good time. 

School mornings can end up very stressful, looking for missing socks, packing school lunches and kids remembering last minute homework…. what if I tell you it doesn’t have to be this way, there is a way to calm the chaos and simplify it all.

Over the years I have shared how I organised spaces like school bag storage, homework areas and some Back to School tips for Busy Mum’s so you can have everything ready and organised for the transition for the first day of school. These tips I’m sharing below continue on from that to also help calm those chaotic mornings.

It’s never too early to start shopping for school stationery, shoes, bags, lunchboxes, labels etc.  I have always found that the earlier I started to get the back to school supplies organised it was less stressful as I could beat the crowds. Plus I was able to get everything I want when the stores are stocked up and feel calm in knowing I have all I need all organised.

To help you out with your Back to School Essentials, we have made Organised HQ a one stop shop to help you get organised and prepared the new school year. We have lunchboxes, drink bottles, lunch bags, checklists, school lunch ebooks, routine charts for the kids, all to help you get ahead with your organising and so much more.

back to school essentials and organisation


I use the fortnight before school to label everything… lunchboxes, drink bottles, every piece of stationery, books, devices, shoes, there is no chance for anything to go missing.  When looking for a label for school supplies you want ones that will stick to many surfaces, plastic, wood, metal, rubber, etc. I find labels that I can write on with a text the easiest and most cost effective. Depending on the item, you could label them with either your child’s first name, initials or just surname, making it very quick and easy to do.

Don’t forget to label the kids school lunch bags, lunch boxes, snack cups etc too.  Labelling these items will save you time and money for not having to buy new ones.  Labels don’t need to be fancy or complicated! If sticking labels on lunchboxes, drink bottles and other lunchbox items make sure they are dishwasher and microwave safe, wipeable, waterproof and fade resistant, so you don’t have to worry about losing the label when you clean the lunchbox.  In the past I have used Avery Self Laminating labels which you can find at Officeworks and most office supply stores

These divided lunchboxes are my favourite, I have used them for years. Because I love them so much I am now stocking them in the shop for you. You can purchase them here.

Tips for back to school - divided lunch boxes


Take a few moments to add the following dates to your wall calendar, planner or phone calendar:

  • school holidays
  • pupil free days
  • public holidays
  • 2021 school term and pupil free

View Australian school term dates here. As the year progresses add in carnival days, camps, sports carnivals and all other school events so you can plan ahead to take time off if need be for holidays or be there to watch your child run over the finish line. My range of 2021 planners and calendars have the Australian public holidays and school terms for every state already recorded for you so that is one less task to do!

Australian Wall calendarIf you have yet to purchase a calendar or planner for 2021, our planner and calendar ranges is NOW ON SALE FOR 25% OFF. This is only while stocks last, so make sure to grab one. You can shop the planners and calendars here.

Planners and calendars on sale now


I have touched on this in the past in my Back to school for Busy Mum’s tips, but I think it’s worth revisiting. We want our kids to grow up to be strong and independent. I believe teaching them life skill such as helping around the home is important. There are many benefits to encouraging the children to help out around the house and complete certain chores (such as tidying their room, making their beds, picking up bath towels, unpacking dishwasher). It teaches them to become more self-reliant and helps their progression into adulthood become a lot easier! And…. it helps you out in the busy mornings too, I am very grateful for my kids who feed the dog, pick up the dog messes and unpack the dishwasher each morning, it’s a few less things I need to do.

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Sleep is important for your child’s growth and development and with a good nights sleep they will be alert and ready for the school day. Creating a bedtime routine, setting a specific time for sleep and being consistent with it helps your child’s body and mind settle in the evening and wake up refreshed.  A routine can start at a time that suits you and can be, but not limited to bath, clean teeth, layout school uniform, reading then lights out.  Limit what your child can do during this time, no TV, no playing, no devices to help them wind down. I am relaxed with bedtime hours during school holidays, however, I usually get the kids back into routine 3-4 days before school goes back. This is important even with teenagers as they can find it hard to get out the habit of late nights followed by sleep-ins!

I gave one of my reward charts to my niece late last year along with some star stickers. She gets a sticker each night she stays in bed without coming out to Mum and Dad.

Reward chart


When my kids were younger I found the mornings to get them off to kindy was chaotic. I was repeating myself…. have you brushed your teeth? Are you dressed? Pack your bag!  It was driving me a little nuts, let alone the kids becoming tone deaf to my constant nagging. At the time the twins were 4 and youngest was 2 so I needed to find a way to get the twins ready and out the door in brighter spirits, rather than a rushed rampage.  I created a set of morning, afternoon and evening routine charts which ended up saving my sanity.

Over the years I have used routine charts, rewards charts and checklists to help calm the chaos in our household.   By presenting tasks in this fun way it has achieved:

  • improved behaviour
  • created organisation in the daily routine
  • increased self-esteem, self-sufficiency and responsibility
  • learning important life skills

Streamline your morning by creating a checklist of tasks that need to be completed each morning to help you get out the door on time. Younger children may need assistance and encouragement, however, getting them to follow a checklist will eliminating you nagging and allow the kids to learn how to independently be ready each morning.

KIDS ROUTINE AND REWARD CHARTS: Streamline your days by creating a checklist of tasks that need to be completed each morning and night to encourage kids to complete tasks around the home independently. We have a range of charts, even ones you can have personalised available here.

kids task chartskids task charts

What is one task you want your child to do each morning without you nagging?

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