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Kids, papers, homework, pencils, books this is what we have to look forward to when the kids go back to school.  Both my girls have desks in their bedroom, but all my kids prefer to sit at the kitchen bench and do their homework together while I potter in the kitchen, or I sit at the dining table and help them.

I created a designated space “homework nook’ in our home a few years ago which stores everything related to the kid’s school, homework and drawing.  It’s a storage unit that sits in our dining area and keeps all the school paperwork, and homework books tidy.  I have 3 magazine files on top for each of the kids to store their books and papers. Usually the school emails me permission slips which I then print and keep in their file until it’s closer to the time due.  The first drawer is for all our colouring pencils, textas, rulers, writing pencils, 2nd drawer is colour books, scrapbooks etc and the 3rd drawer keeps all the sunscreen, zinc etc.  See more pictures of my homework nook here.

homework nook

The purpose of a Homework Nook:

  • To tidily keep all school paperwork
  • For the kids to easily store items for their homework
  • Keep all things school related together
  • Store stationary

As my homework nook is one of the most useful stations I have in our home I was thrilled that Howards Storage World gave me the opportunity to recreate this space in a readers home. This can easily be created in your home.

Howards Storage World is a retail franchise operation that specialises in space saving and organisational products for the home and office. In a world where living space is at a premium, becoming more organised is a growing need for people who lead busy lives.

How to create a Homework Nook

Firstly find an area close to where the kids will be doing their homework, colouring etc and measure this space.

The Organised Housewife Homework Nook 1

Find a storage unit that best suits this area.  I chose the white 7 runner Elfa System with mesh baskets and a wooden top (need link to this product I couldn’t find it, with the baskets coming out the widest side).

The Organised Housewife Homework Nook 2

Then I filled it up with all their stationery and supplies!

The Organised Housewife Homework Nook 4

On top of the unit I used a craft turn table to hold all the pens, pencils, crayons etc.  This caddy is great, the kids can easily carry it over to the dining table when they are in colouring mode.  The file holders keep their homework book and reading folders tidy.

The Organised Housewife Homework Nook 9

The Organised Housewife Homework Nook 10

Top drawer stores all other stationary.  I used the Cadi Stackable plastic baskets to create compartments to ensure this space will stay organised.

The Organised Housewife Homework Nook 11

2nd drawer holds their tablets and earphones.  2 Clara Organiser baskets fit perfectly within these drawers

The Organised Housewife Homework Nook 7

3rd drawer is for notepads and learning posters

The Organised Housewife Homework Nook 6

Bottom drawer keeps all their reading books, educational books and spare paper

The Organised Housewife Homework Nook 5

I put hooks on the side of the frame to hold hats and school bags

The Organised Housewife Homework Nook 8

These two beautiful girls are very happy with their homework nook.

The Organised Housewife Homework Nook 3

 Do you have a homework nook in your home, what do you keep in it?

supplies orange

Below are all the storage/organising items I used to create this space, all available from Howards Storage World

White Frame Side Hook

ELFA 7 Runner Frame White

Craft Turn Table White

Timber Top To Suit Elfa Frame

1 x White 1 Runner Mesh Basket

3 x White 2 Runner Mesh Basket

Stoppers Etc For Drawers

1 x Cadi Stackable Large

1 x Cadi Stackable Medium

2 x Cadi Stackable Small

4 x Clara Organiser Basket Large

2 x Viola A4 File Holders

Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Howards Storage World, coordinated by Nuffnang and run in accordance with my disclosure policy.




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