8 Tips For A Stress Free Homework Routine

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

School homework is important in your children’s learning journey. It helps them comprehend what they learnt at school, and without them realising it, it teaches them about deadlines and responsibilities, which are so important for when they reach high school, uni and the workforce. It can be hard keeping up with a homework routine, so here are some simple and helpful tips I’m sharing with you to help you achieve a stress-free homework routine that you can use with your kiddies.

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Once kids come home from school, it can either be a chaotic mess or a silent afternoon.  It’s really easy for them to go from one extreme to the other, as they can be full of beans and energy after their long day at school or completely exhausted. Either way, it’s hard after 6 hours of school to get kids to focus on homework.  I’ve been there, so I thought I’d share with you the tips and strategies that I have used to help my kids get their homework done each afternoon by simply following a stress-free homework routine.

Keeping up with a proper homework routine can be hard. Here's some simple and helpful tips to help you achieve a stress-free homework routine at home.

1. Have healthy afternoon school snack options

Kids need to eat healthy snacks to refuel after a very long day at school. They need to eat something that will provide them with energy to continue through the late part of the day, so that they have the brain power to do their homework, get through their after-school activities and keep satisfied until dinner time.

Printable list of After School Snack Ideas for you to put on your fridge or back of your pantry door to help you plan ahead to fill the fridge and pantry, ready to feed your hungry kids.

2. Keep homework supplies handy

If you have a work station for all homework supplies, it is much easier to get your children to sit down and have everything on hand that they might need to complete their homework and school projects with. Have pens, pencils, textas, sharpeners and general stationery handy for them. You can even consider a mobile homework station that can be rolled around the home.

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3. Create a welcoming homework space

Having a permanent homework station in your home will help the kids fall into a homework routine and stick to it. The saying “if you build it, they will come” rings true with this one. Create a comfortable space which is for them to do their homework at, and they will get used to using it at the same time every day and get their homework done.

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4. Make an afternoon routine that schedules homework time

Having a printed routine chart helps both you and your kids to keep on track with the school routine and stay organised. When they can see it on a list, it helps them to tick things off as they go. My favourite way to do this was to use one of my printable routine charts, frame them and use a whiteboard marker to tick things off one by one. Then you can wipe it clean again, and be ready for the next day.

  DOWNLOAD HERE: Routine Charts

My routine charts will help your child to independently get ready for school, stop you repeating yourself and remind them of tasks that need to be completed before they can play or turn on the TV, creating a chaos-free day before and after school.  

5. Limit your children’s game and TV screen time

Limiting your child’s screen time will help so much to get your kids organised and not whinging “oh mum, five more minutes”. I’m quite strict in our afternoon routine.  My kids have a snack, do their homework, followed by chores and then only after their tasks have been completed on their afternoon routine chart, they can have a bit of screen time. My kids are older now and we don’t use the routine charts anymore, but their household tasks are still very important because if you don’t teach them responsibility as children, chances are they won’t know how to do these simple things as adults.

Keeping up with a proper homework routine can be hard. Here's some simple and helpful tips to help you achieve a stress-free homework routine at home.

6. Consider hiring an online tutor

If your child is really struggling and you are concerned about how far behind they are falling, consider a home tutor for a subject they aren’t doing well in. This may be a subject you might not be able to help them with yourself. I know I can’t grasp the concept of algebra so I am not the best to teach the kids! Sometimes a good home tutor can fix the problem with some extra teaching and put your child back on track.

There is a wonderful online program called MathsOnline which is an online tutor system. It is designed to help improve your child’s confidence when it comes to their studies, therefore helping them to perform better at school.  One of my kids has previously struggled in Maths, and I noticed that it was having an impact on her mindset as she was comparing herself to her peers.  We spent some extra time with her out of school last year to help her get a better understanding of what she’s been learning. All she needed was some extra time to comprehend the information.  This improved her grades and confidence, getting her back to wearing that delightful smile again.

Some benefits of MathsOnline:

  • Kids learn at their own pace – as we all know, every child is different.  Some like to learn by listening, watching or with interactive aspects. All kids learn at different paces. While some children require time to go over and comprehend what they learn, others pick it up quickly and want to move on to the next lesson.
  • Their confidence is built up – when children can understanding what is being learnt and finally grasp something that was confusing them, it has a huge impact on how they feel about themselves!
  • Grades improve – with their better understanding of what they’ve learnt, their grades start to improve. This in itself is another confidence boost and will help kids to believe in themselves more.
  • It’s easy to use – the MathsOnline website is easy to navigate and the programs are all explained simply.  It includes video tutorials that cover grades from Kindergarten through to Year 12, which I think is fabulous as one of my kids didn’t grasp a concept that was taught back in Grade 3, so it was good to go back and learn the steps.
  • It’s Australian – MathsOnline is Australia’s leading computer-based training program.
  • Available on all devices – with unlimited access,  kids can use the program 24×7 wherever and whenever they want. This is fabulous if there are 15 minutes free before swimming lessons or other activities!



To learn more about MathsOnline, visit their website www.mathsonline.com.au where you can sign up for a free trial!

7. Encourage your kids and help where you can

No matter how hard they work at school and at home with their homework, sometimes your kids will struggle. When they do, try to help them as much as you can and encourage them to stay focussed and de-stressed as much as they can. Remind them that they are doing a wonderful job and project a calm, loving and encouraging atmosphere at home.

8. Plan a homework chart

A homework chart works wonders, especially with teenagers who have a really hectic study schedule. Prioritise and write down when what assignment is due and what needs to be completed on what day. Having it handy at their homework station helps them to get straight into their homework and not waste any precious time trying to work out what they have to do.

  DOWNLOAD HERE: Homework Planner


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