5 ways to get organised for back to school

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Need ideas to make the transition to school easier? Here are 5 ways to get organised for back to school.

School holidays are the best! Having fun with family and friends, late bedtimes, no homework, no routines – it’s all easy! When my kids were younger, there would be a moment, a week or two before school started for the year, that I would feel that overwhelming feeling rush making sure that I had everything ready for the first day of soon. If you need some ideas to start getting organised for the start of the school year, and make the transition calm rather than chaotic, here are 5 ideas to get you motivated. I found if I put some strategies into place a couple of weeks before school starts, it was less stress and anxiety on both my children and I and it also made for the first day of school fun and exciting instead of stressful. 

1. Shift your daily meal schedules

School holidays mean no set eating schedules. A week or so before school begins, start easing your kids back into a routine. Have set meal and snack times so your kids can get used to school eating times. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it’s a good idea to make sure there are healthy breakfast choices to begin the day. This will make sure your kids have the energy and essential nutrients to start their learning. Here are some great kids breakfast ideas they will love! Get some ideas here for some easy and healthy kids snack ideas. Are you dreading making school lunches for another year again?! Let me make it easier for you with some easy lunchbox ideas or my Lunch Box Recipes Cookbook.

2. Buy the essentials   

Buying everything the kids need for school at the beginning of the school year can be a strain on the budget. Sometimes we forget how many things each child needs. Here is a list of essentials you may need before the school year starts. To help you with your school essentials my shop Organised HQ will help you get prepared for the coming school year. 

School fees – Your childs school usually send out the following years school fee invoice. Most times you have the option to pay it up front or pay in instalments. Whatever the payment method you choose, make sure you get to it before school starts so your child has access to the necessary programs and supplies which are covered by the school fees. 

Booklists – Your childs school will usually send out a booklist prior to finishing school the year before. You can buy the entire booklist through the companies or organisations recommended or you can go to local department stores and supermarkets to buy all your ststionary needs. 

School uniforms – If you have a child just starting school or need to top up some school uniforms, here is a guide on to how many school uniforms parents should purchase when preparing their children for back-to-school and where you can buy them from. 

Lunch boxes – Have a look at my ultimate guide to picking the perfect school lunch box and lunch bag  for your child in 2022!

Water bottles – A good quality water bottle should last you the whole year – if not much longer – and an insulated water bottle is a great ideas as it will help keep your child’s water cool throughout the day.

School Shoes – you’ll find that many of the shoe shops are chaos with people buying shoes for their kids. Here is my guide to buying school shoes to help you at this hectic time of year. 

Socks – Throw out last years socks if they have holes or feel too stretched out. Stock up at your local shoe shops or department stores so your kids have enough to last at least the first half of the year. 

Hat – Whether your school has a dedicated school hat or your child can wear one of their choosing, just make sure you have one organised. Too keep kids sun safe, most schools have a ‘no hat no play’ rule and you don’t want your child missing out on the lunchtime fun!

School Bag – Some schools have their own school branded bags which you can buy through the school however most department stores or speciality or sports stores sell them too. There are so many choices!

Hair Accessories – The most frustrating thing on a school morning is not being able to find hair bands or headbands or clips! Buy a whole new stash, in school colours if thats what your child wants and store them safely so you know where they are every morning. 

3. Create wind down and sleep routines

Late nights and school holidays go hand in hand and with older kids, sleeps in means waking up when it’s almost lunchtime! To make it easier on them and you, start getting them into age appropriate bedtime routines. It may be challenging but start with winding them down an hour or so earlier until everyone is happy. You could start by getting kids spending some alone time in their rooms reading or relaxing – try to keep this a technology free time of day so they are not wired. A solid sleep routine should mean easier wake ups on school mornings, without the battle. If you find your kids need a bit of extra help falling asleep you can set up an essential oil diffuser in their rooms. Our favourite essential oil sleep blend will relax them and send them off to dreamland. 

4. Get the kids to help

It’s not all up to us parents to keep the house running! If you want your kids growing up to be independent then teaching them simple life skills at a young age helps to set them up for adulthood. When my kids were young, they would help load and unload the dishwasher, take out the rubbish, make their beds, tidy their rooms, bringing the washing in – it all helps to make the house run more smoothly and gave me more time in the mornings to get ready! If you are looking at wanting to give your kids chores and a bit more responsibility around the house then have a look at my blog 50+ age appropriate chores that will teach your children important life skills like responsibility, confidence, discipline and respect – whilst also helping you keep a clean house! Grab the kids a Morning Routine Chart so they can tick off their list as they go!


Sometimes children can feeling anxious on the first day of school. This is normal and expected because there is so much going on.  There are so many changes disrupting them, which is why it’s great to implement some strategies to help reduce your child’s feeling of anxiousness. Here are some options to consider for the first day of school:

  • Talk to them about how they feel.
  • Role play! Get them to dress up in their uniform and play with their school bag.
  • Visit the school. Walk there, ride bikes, drive, or walk in if the school allows.
  • Start them on their school routine before school starts.
  • Go shopping for school supplies together.
  • Pack school lunches in the weeks leading up to school so that your child gets used to eating from a lunchbox.
  • Diffuse Lavender essential oil to help reduce the anxious feelings and help them sleep. 

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