5 things you may forget before school goes back

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

From new shoes to lunchboxes to stationery, there’s a lot to do to get ready for a new school year. Here are 5 things you may forget to do before school goes back.

It’s that time of year where we’re organising haircuts, labelling books, making trips to the shoe shop and buying new drink bottles and lunchboxes. Soon those uniforms will come out of the cupboard and we’ll be sending the kids back to school!

In the rush to get everything done, there are some things that might fall off your list. Here are five things that are easily forgotten in the rush to go back to school.


Swim stuff – Swim programs often start really early in the year to take advantage of summer weather. If your school offers swimming lessons as part of the curriculum or holds an annual swim carnival, check in advance what your child might need.  There may be uniform swimwear or regulations around the kind of swimmers required. You may also need a swim bag, rashie, swim hat, goggles, thongs and a towel.


Hair bands and clips – Most schools have certain colours of hair bands and clips that kids are allowed to wear in their hair. Sometimes the uniform shop may stock these or you might need to pop into the cheap shop or chemist for the right colours.


Ice brick – Keep those lunches cool and fresh with an ice brick kept in the freezer and ready to pop into the lunchbox when school goes back.


Add important dates to the calendar – Find out the dates for school holidays, pupil free days, athletics carnivals, swimming carnivals, parent teacher interviews and school camps and add them to your calendar or planner.


Restock home stationery – As well as making sure they have everything on the book list, check your home stationery supplies as well. You may need to stock up on A4 paper, pens, pencils, eraser, sharpener, scissors and printer ink, so there are no excuses not to do homework!
Kat’s tip: Remember to air out school bags before the first day of school. You may like to give them a wipe over and freshen with a bag spray

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