10 Easy School Hairstyles

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

10 easy girls hairstyle tutorials for school. Some fun and easy ideas for busy school mornings, that you can do when you have to get out the door quickly but your daughter wants a fun hairstyle.

There are some amazing ideas for girls hairstyles out there, however on school mornings not all parents have the time for elaborate hairstyles. I have collected together some easy and fun school hairstyle ideas that are not too time consuming, and importantly that your daughters will love. If you’re looking for some more ideas, this post has some cute hairstyle ideas and braiding tutorials.10 Easy Girls Hairstyles

Flipped Ponytail or Topsy Turvy Ponytail

There is a reason why a standard ponytail is the staple hairstyle on school mornings. Fast and easy to do and the hair is tied back and out of your child’s way. This is a fun way to really make a standard ponytail just a bit extra. You can buy a special tool to do flip the ponytails or it’s just as easy to do with a comb and your fingers.

Side Ponytail

A side ponytail is another fun alternative of a standard pony tail. They have been very popular for a few years now especially with the addition of a Jo-Jo bow!

Pull Through Braid with Bright Elastics

This hairstyle looks super cute and really elaborate, however it’s quite an easy one to do. It’s not really braiding at all, so perfect for people who feel like they are all thumbs when it comes to braiding.

Two Small Side Plaits

This hairstyle looks really pretty and would not take that long as it is just two small plaits on either side of the head joined together at the back.

Fishtail Braid

This is a very impressive looking hairstyle that is much easier to do than it looks. Even if braiding is beyond your skill set, this one is manageable!

Plait Bun Hairstyle

This is a super cute and easy way to get your child’s hair tied back and off their neck, especially good for hot weather!

Hair Bow Hairstyle

I always thought this hairstyle was too time consuming and fiddly to do on school morning until I actually tried it. It’s easier

Braided Scarf Bun Hairstyle

This is such an adorable hairstyle and is really only a slight variation on the easy plait bun tutorial above. You just need a pretty scarf that you can use.

Lace Braid Side Pony

If you’re feeling more adventurous and have the time to create a more elaborate braid ‘do, this hairstyle is adorable!

Space Buns Hairstyle

I love the look of two messy side buns, particularly on little girls! It is just so cute and also importantly very easy to do!


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