10 Back to school money saving ideas

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

If you are like me and have a few children at school it becomes an expensive time of year with new books, shoes and uniforms.  Here are 10 handy ideas to help you save a little during this time.

  1. Don’t purchase winter uniforms now, instead buy at the beginning of April, the kids won’t need jumpers during the summer.
  2. Reuse items such as pencil cases, backpacks, calculators, scissors, USB sticks from what they brought home from school last year.
  3. Use supplies such as erasers, pens, tape etc that you have in the drawers at home.
  4. Get as much wear from school uniforms as possible
  5. Consider taking the kids to the local TAFE where a beauty course is held to get cheap haircuts.
  6. Plain backpacks are alot cheaper than brand name or character packs, and may still be just as durable or, purchase good quality backpack, take care with regular washing and it may last you 2-3 years.
  7. Shop at the dollar stores such as Sam’s Warehouse, Crazy Clarks etc, they have cute pencils and erasers for half the price elsewhere.
  8. I saved this year instead of buying black school shoes plus joggers, I purchased black joggers, no need to spend on an extra pair of shoes.  Remember though, good quality shoes are important for little growing feet.
  9. You all know me I am a huge fan of Tupperware.  I purchased my kids sandwich keepers when they were in Kindy, 5 years on and I have not had to purchase new lunchboxes.  Yes I have had to get them replaced once or twice because the corners have broken, that’s the bonus of a lifetime guarantee.  They are superb quality, saving on glad wrap, great investment I believe.
  10. And finally, don’t back-to-school shop with the kids, you will shop faster and more economical without them saying “‘But Mummy…I want this one”.

That’s it for posts this week, I will be back on Sunday with my meal plan, then Monday will be more back to school ideas!!  I haven’t forgotten about the de-clutter challenge, a post will be coming once the kids return back to school, plus a great new series.

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