12 things to know when pregnant

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Over the next 2 weeks on the blog I want to share with you some of my tips to organise for a new baby.  Unfortunately I didn’t take photo’s of my nursery organisation when the kids were little (that was 10 and 8 years ago), but I will certainly find some great inspiration for you all.

Today I want to give you some insight of my pregnancies with my 12 things to know when pregnant 

  1. It is hard to fall pregnant and may take longer than expected.  Be kind to yourself and don’t scream when people tell you just relax and it will happen.
  2. Being that I am short and was pregnant with twins, it made it impossible for me to reach the peddles in my car so I couldn’t drive for the last half of my pregnancy
  3. Everybody’s pregnancies are different, I was grateful that I didn’t suffer morning sickness, I did however always have one jatz biscuit each morning before I got out of bed to take away the little queasiness I felt
  4. But… I did suffer sleepiness, I could easily sleep most of the day.  So much so I fell asleep on my bosses couch early on in my first pregnancy.  Because I was so tired I had to resign from work at the end of my first trimester.  This was also the indication that I was pregnant with my youngest
  5. Before I was pregnant my feet were a size 5, after my pregnancy they grew to a size 8. No idea why or how.  But I’m thinking it may have been because my feet were so swollen all the time I lived in thongs or bare feet and that wouldn’t have helped
  6. Don’t buy too many clothes for the baby, you will receive quite a lot as gifts and baby will outgrow them before you know it
  7. Organise a date night or weekend away with your partner at least 6 weeks before baby is due just in case bub comes early.  We had organised a big date night the day our twins surprised us with their arrival, 6 weeks early.
  8. I absolutely loved sleeping with a long body pillow, it made lying down in bed so much more comfortable (lying on my side with leg over).
  9. Consider asking only your immediate family to visit the day baby is born and friends the following days.  But do not overwhelm yourself with too many visitors in your room at once, it’s tiring on you and bub, you need to regain your strength to get out of bed, feeding and bath times.  Your family and friends should understand.
  10. Don’t be too stubborn to ask for help.  I was, I had the mentality that those loved ones that I expected the help from would offer it, but we were both being stubborn, I was waiting for it to be offered and they were waiting to be asked.  Therefore I didn’t receive the help I was hoping and needed.  So please… if you want help just ask.
  11. Stock your freezer up with baking and dinners as you may not have the energy or desire to make dinners.  Having baking in the freezer will help to fill your partners lunch box or easily have a delicious muffin on hand when unexpected visitors drop by.
  12. And lastly…. while pregnant and while your milk comes in your breasts will increase in size, more so when your milk comes in, so ensure that you have a good fitted bra.  I was specially fitted with a maternity bra while pregnant but when my milk came in the bra was too small, which then resulted in the bra being too tight and I ended up with mastitis.

It wasn’t until after my pregnancy that I realised I didn’t get many photo’s of myself when pregnant, this isn’t a great photo, but is one of the best, I think at this point (6 weeks before the twins were born) everything was swollen

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