Declutter 52 Things in 52 Weeks Challenge

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Is your home full of clutter and you’re tired of seeing it but find it difficult to get yourself motivated for a proper declutter and spring clean?  Join my 52 week declutter challenge and let me help you to declutter your home. My challenge is designed for you to achieve one decluttering task each week, so that you don’t get overwhelmed with your workload. Don’t just do the challenge, challenge yourself to succeed and do the challenge with me and hundreds of women all around the world. Let’s succeed together in decluttering our homes.

Together we’ll declutter ’52 Things’ from the home in 2019 – It’s never too late to join

The Steps of Declutter 52 Things in 52 Weeks:

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Remember, my definition of purge is to sell, donate, repurpose or throw away items as you see fit.


Weekly Declutter tasks:

First task will be released Wednesday 2nd January 2019!

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Task 1Declutter 52 Things in 52 Weeks Challenge – Vision Board or Notice Board

Task 2Declutter 52 Things in 52 Weeks Challenge – The Plastics Drawer/Cupboard in the Kitchen

Task 3 Declutter 52 Things in 52 Weeks Challenge – Kitchen Appliances

Task 4 – Declutter 52 Things in 52 Weeks Challenge – Expired Foods