Easy Pom Pom Tutorial

I’ve just realised I have been making pom poms the wrong way and have found a new and super easy way to make them.  I thought I’ll post this tutorial to help with easter project I will be sharing with you soon.

How to make a pom pom

Wrap wool around 3 fingers, depending on required size.  We wrapped it around 75 times, wrap more for a fuller pom pom

Cut off a 30cm length of wool.  Push one end through fingers and wrap around pom pom.  Do a very tight double knot (if hard to do, remove from fingers to ensure its a tight knot).

Cut the loops on each end and fluff up

The wool in the pom pom will be all different lengths.  Over a plastic bag trim down so they are all the same size, remembering to keep it rounded

I have found the more you cut away the cuter the pom pom looks

As simple as that!!


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